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What happens if you don’t have insurance on the car and you have an accident?

In Spain 2.6 million cars circulate without insurance. And that, despite the fact that it is a violation of the law that can lead to serious problems…car insurance

What can happen to you if you have it parked?

You can be penalized even if that uninsured vehicle is parked in a private garage. The penalties are 800 euros if it is a vehicle for which the B license is required; and 1,500 euros if you need the C1, C1+E, C+E, D1, D or D+E permits (truck or bus), is a taxi or a school transportation vehicle or priority services.

What if you drive with a vehicle without insurance?

If you are stopped by the police or Civil Guard, or a camera detects the license plate of your car and checks its administrative status, the penalty will increase to 1,500 euros (vehicles that require a B license) and 2,800 euros (C1, C1+E, C+E, D1, D or D+E, taxi, school transport or priority services).

Also, a traffic agent has the power to immobilize a vehicle without insurance compulsory for a minimum period of one month; three months if it is a repeat offender. To recover the vehicle, you will have to prove that you have contracted the compulsory insurance and bear the costs of the deposit or the seal.

What if you drive a car without insurance and have an accident?

car insurance

If the fault is yours

Not only will you have to pay the fine for driving with a car without insurance, you may also have to pay the fine for driving with a car without ITV (a vehicle will not pass the ITV without insurance); so that if you have not attended the last inspection and you circulate with the expired ITV, you will be sanctioned with 200 euros; and if you did not pass the ITV and circulate with the vehicle, with 500 euros. Likewise, if you committed an infraction that caused the accident, you will also have to pay the corresponding fine: for example, up to 1,000 euros if you were driving under the influence of drugs, up to 600 euros in case of speeding, 200 euros if you skipped a traffic light …

But this is not the worst, since, as Carlos Lluch points out, “once the Insurance Consortium pays the compensation corresponding to the injured and damaged by your accident, it will claim all the compensation”. This means that, if you cannot pay the amount, your accounts and assets will be seized, as well as your salary (any monthly amount above the Minimum Interprofessional Salary: for 2021, 950 euros/month) until you satisfy the amount of compensation. .

If the fault lies with the other

You will receive the corresponding compensation from the insurerbut you will be sanctioned for driving without insurance and for any other infraction that you may have committed”, explains Lluch.

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