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What happened to Armor Wars and when will it be released? • ENTER.CO

The amount of information we receive in July from the MCU can take entire months to digest. So instead of focusing on secret wars, invaders from other universes, or lawyers moving from Netflix to Marvel, it might be a little more productive to think about those shows that weren’t mentioned. And there is a rather important omission that many did not notice. What happened to Armor Wars?

The return of War Machine in Armor Wars

The absence of a release date for Armor Wars is somewhat of a surprise, because this was one of the projects that was announced within the latest update for the MCU. We know that it is one of the series scheduled for Disney + starring James Rhodes / War Machine (Don Cheadle) and that it will surely take elements of the story in the comics with the same name.

Armor Wars centers on Tony Stark dealing with his technology being stolen and suddenly seeing some villains wearing armor or weapons designed by him. Of course, in the MCU Tony Stark is dead, so logic tells us that any adaptation of this story will now see Rhodes take on the role of Stark and try to salvage the legacy of his best friend.

All of the above is to say that it made sense for Armor Wars to be one of the series in Phase 4 or 5 of the MCU. After all, if the subject is the consequences of Tony Stark’s death and the way in which his memory will remain… then why dedicate space to other stories?

Armor Wars isn’t cancelled… there’s just no room

First thing: Armor Wars has not been canceled by Disney. Yassir Lester, the showrunner of the series, confirmed that the project will still come to light through a post on Instagram… which was later deleted. We’re going to take a leap of faith to ensure that the reason he deleted it is because the next announcement in the series will be made as a surprise and Disney wants to keep the magic.

Second thing: the simple reason why Armor Wars didn’t appear on the list is because phase 5 of the MCU is kind of saturated right now. We basically have a new Marvel series on the platform every two months and many of these productions were only recently announced, as is the case with Echo. It’s possible that their absence is mainly due to the fact that there are other stories that have a higher priority right now because they introduce characters from future films or plant the seeds for other events (think, for example, WandaVision).

The third thing: we must not rule out that the main reason why Armor Wars has not been announced has to do with ‘Secret Invasion’. The series stars Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who will have a special appearance by Rhodes. It is possible that the reason for his absence is that new details of the project will accompany the end of Secret Invasion (which will be released on Disney + at the beginning of 2023).

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