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Pix is ​​being increasingly used by people, however, there is still a portion of the population that for different reasons has not yet adhered to the payment method, whether due to distrust and insecurities or due to some form of misinformation. So today we’ll seek to bring information about the tool, its benefits, its safety, and answer: after all, what’s the Pix for?

What this article covers:

What is PIX?

It is an exclusively Brazilian digital payment method. It can be used through banks or other financial institutions and allows for instant payment of bills and other types of purchases.

What are the benefits of PIX?

Pix’s main benefits are its ease and practicality. With just a few taps on the cell phone, it is possible to pay bills, bank slips, transfer money, go shopping, all without even needing to leave the house.

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Pix is ​​also a very affordable option for both individuals and companies, as its fees are very low and allow transfers between different banks in real time. Furthermore, the tool is an extremely secure method of transaction.

Payment by QR Code

As it is possible to do with some institutions, the tool also allows payment via QR Codein this way, it is possible to pay for purchases and make transactions with the simple point of a camera.

PIX security system

The security system is extremely complete, with anti-fraud engines that identify purchases and suspicious activity in your account, markers that signal fraud to the institutions that use the tool, user authentication through passwords, biometric identification and transaction limits, established by the institutions, all to guarantee the full security of the users of this platform.

What is Pix for? Answering the question asked initially, it serves to make your life easier, allowing you to make payments and control your finances much more fluidly. The tool serves to modernize and revolutionize payment methods in Brazil.

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