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what falls, how many questions you need to get right and what to study!

The DMV test can end up becoming a problem for people who are getting their driver’s license. This is because some people find it difficult to answer the questions and then end up failing.

But this is a problem that can be solved. To be able to perform well in the Detran test, you just need to prepare and review in advance all the subjects that fall into the test.

But what are these subjects? How does the Detran test work and what is the best way to study? We will show you what to do to pass the DMV test. Check out!

What this article covers:

How is the DMV test?

The Detran test consists of questions divided in proportion to the subjects studied by the driver. Subjects range from traffic laws to infractions and penalties, basic mechanics, defensive driving and so on.

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All these themes are seen during the theoretical classes at the driving school. Each student has up to 40 minutes to complete the test. To pass the DMV test, you must have at least 70% of the questions correct. But what is the proof of the DMV for?

What is a test for?

The purpose of the test is to find out if you really managed to learn the content given during the theoretical classes. The tests contain essential matters that every driver should know, if the person fails, it means that he is not ready to drive.

How many questions are there on the DMV test?

The Detran test contains 30 questions divided into 5 subjects which are: 12 questions on traffic legislation, 10 on defensive driving, 3 questions on citizenship, 3 more on first aid and 2 questions on basic mechanics.

It is necessary to prepare well for the tests, as they have been the cause of disapproval for many people. So, let’s see what subjects to study for the DMV test.

What to study for the DMV test?

As already mentioned, the Detran test contains 5 subjects and it is essential to study each one of them. Let’s see more about these matters.

traffic legislation

This is the subject most Studied at driving school, with 18 hours of class. Here you can see everything about traffic rules such as signs, infractions, vehicle and driver documents, traffic rules, etc.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving is studied for 16 hours, and in these classes we see what to do in dangerous traffic situations such as overtaking, driving under bad weather conditions, in addition to warning about driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

First aid

There are only 4 hours of first aid class, and we see how to act when suffering or witnessing a traffic accident.

Citizenship and environment

4 hours are also studied on these subjects and we see the harmful effects that vehicles can bring to the environment. In addition to learning how to properly maintain the car to minimize these effects. The respect that one should have with society as a driver is also studied.

Basic Mechanics

This subject is studied for only 3 hours, but it is still important. Here the driver will have a sense of how the vehicle works, how to perform basic maintenance, the meaning of the lights on the panel, etc.

What types of questions are on the test?

We’ve already seen the subjects that fall on the Detran test, but what are the types of questions? The Detran test is basically composed of objective multiple-choice questions, where there are several alternatives to the same question, but only one is correct.

What types of questions are on the test?

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There are many subjects to study, so it is important to prepare and train a lot before taking the test. A good way to do this is to do a simulation provided by the Detran. So proof won’t be a big problem for you.

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