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What does the full moon mean in each zodiac sign?

Full moons in astrology represent the end of the lunar cycle. and the opportunity to release emotions, feelings, situations, behaviors and relationships that already serve us. It is the moment that the universe offers to close and finish anything.

However, each full moon can feel differently and the main reason is because is affected by the sign where it occurs at the time. Knowing what aspects each of these lunations influences can help you work with their energy, for example, selecting which cycles are most appropriate to close and which rituals are perfect for each full moon.

Next, we tell you what the meaning of the full moon has in each sign of the zodiac.

full moon in aries

When the full moon occurs in Aries, it encourages stronger energy to grow personally. There may be some tension, since this sign is associated with the beginnings or starts of cycles.

Full Moon in Taurus

In Taurus the full moon connects with our internal needs and desires. It is the perfect time to think about self-love and inner beauty.

Full Moon in Gemini

The full moons that occur under the sign of Gemini allow us to address issues associated with social relationships and how we communicate with other people.

full moon in cancer

When a full moon occurs in Cancer it releases emotions and focuses us on self-love. The Moon is the ruling astrological planet of this sign, making it one of the most powerful in the lunar year.

Full Moon in Leo

In Leo, the full moons radiate confidence and exalt our character. It’s time to release traits we no longer want in ourselves to make way for the ones we do want and make us stronger, bolder, and more successful.

Full moon in Virgo

It is the propitious moment to order thoughts and life in general. It means thinking about what things we can improve or fix for the next lunar cycle.

Full moon in Libra

A full moon in Libra points towards others, that is, listening and evaluating the influence of people towards us. They are also moons that allow us to work towards others.

full moon in scorpio

The full moons that occur in Scorpio signify internal growths; invites us to look at passions, secrets and desires.

full moon in sagittarius

A full moon in Sagittarius is the perfect time to release restrictions, ties and weights to grow and look beyond. It is the opportunity to try things that we had never done before.

Full Moon in Capricorn

The full moon in this sign allows us to focus on the basics, that is, to evaluate which cycles we want to close personally and professionally. It is one of the less emotional full moons.

Full moon in Aquarius

When the full moon is in Aquarius it brings our individual needs to the fore, but from an idealistic perspective. We worry about how we influence the world around us.

Full Moon in Pisces

In Pisces the full moon invites us to close deep cycles to grow spiritually. It is the ideal moon to end cycles of love or anything that affects the soul.

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