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What does Mexico need to qualify for the quarterfinals of the World Baseball Classic?

The Mexican team obtained a great 11-5 victory against the United States in the second day of the World Baseball Classic, which, although it is the first, is quite important for the aspirations to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Mexico began the 2023 edition of the Classic with a defeat against the Colombian team and added its first victory against the United States. Now, Canada, which is 1-0, and Great Britain, which has a record of 0-2 and lost the second game by knockout, remain.

Mexico will rest this Monday and will face to Great Britain on March 14 and closes his participation on March 15 against the team from Canada by Freddie Freeman. The United States put a first-round knockout on the line for the first time in tournament history.

If they got the two wins, they would have a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, which would practically classify the Mexican team to the quarterfinals.

In a case of a tie with the United States, Mexico would advance because it won the personal duel against Team USA. with a wide margin of runs.

The two teams with the best record in the group are those that advance to the next round. In case of ties of games won and lost, there is a tiebreaker criteria that will be as follows:

  • The team that wins the match between the tied ninths will advance to the second round. If three or more teams are tied and one of those teams won their games against all the other teams they are tied with, then they will be ranked highest.
  • The tied teams will be placed in the table with the formula of runs scored divided by the number of putouts made.so it is important to make notes in each game.
  • To tie in this, the number of runs allowed between each recorded out will be used.

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