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What does it mean to place Christmas candles in the window?

In various homes around the world they follow a tradition that gives a bit of magic to Christmas decorations. Put candles in the windows to show their brightness to the outside It is a custom from many years ago, but what is its true meaning?

The tradition of placing Christmas candles in windows dates back centuries.specifically from the colonial era, a period in which a candle lit in the window meant that that place was open to give shelter and food to pilgrims or people who require it.

This symbolism is closely associated with the meaning of Christmas, a time to give selfless love and help those in need.

But beyond this beautiful tradition, is its origin. According to the Southern Living site, Irish Catholic families displayed lighted candles in their windows so that priests knew that there was a safe place there during the period known as the Penal Laws, when the British monarchy sought to marginalize Irish Catholicism.

Meaning of Christmas candles in the windows

Over the years, putting candles in the windows has become a Christmas tradition and one of the main decorations of homes and businesses. According to its origin, symbolizes recognizing our faith and hope.

Likewise, a candle in that means a silent prayer for the return of an absent family member or to recognize that we miss a person, so it is also a symbol of honor for someone who has passed away.

Today, many families choose to place bright, colored candles as a Christmas decoration, a tradition whose origins go back centuries and have endured, and their meaning is deep and spiritual.

Now that you know what it means, place a Christmas candle in your window to express appreciation to a loved one, hope and kindness to the outside.

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