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What does it mean to have repeated dreams and which are the most common

Dreams can be so diverse and unique that they never happen again, however, there are others that for some strange reason repeat themselves over and over again. This characteristic is known as recurrent dreams and they are characterized by being a regression to similar events that we experience in the dream world..

These dreams are not always identical, but have repeating themes and elements which are often nightmares and require our attention by telling us something important, sleep experts explained in an article on the Mind Body Green site.

The reason why we present repeated dreams is not clear, they comment, but they theorize they could suggest that they help us process emotional issues that have gone unaddressed, are connected to recurring behavior patterns in our lives, or are a sign of stress.

For example, dreaming over and over again that we are being chased indicates a pattern of avoidance behavior, or if we experience the dreamlike sensation of being in a tornado, it is associated with stress from having things out of control.

What are the most common recurring dreams?

According to experts, there is a very large number of dreams that can be repeated since it depends on the person’s experiences while awake. However, they agree that there are some that have become universal.

Dream that you are in the same place

If you repeatedly dream that you are at school, your childhood home, or somewhere you have never been, the location has an important meaning for you that is associated with your personality. For example, dreaming that you are in a house that you have never set foot in your life, you should pay attention to its state since, if it has repeatedly been deteriorated, it means that there is an episode in your life that makes you feel that way. .

dream of the same person

It means that you have been thinking a lot about that person for whatever reasons. However, that individual could also represent a part of your personality or a stage of your life. For example, dreaming of a movie star many times could represent a quality of yours.

Dream of the same sentimental relationship

Repeatedly dreaming that you are still in a relationship with your ex, a friend from the past or a friend, the meaning is similar to the previous dream. The person represents a stage or part of you that you must attend to.

Whatever your recurring dream, experts say to stop it you have to find out what the dream asks for and start taking action on it, however, having better sleep habits and reducing stress is the best thing to do.

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