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What does it mean to dream of witches and why is it a bad omen?

One of the dreams that can have the most impact on us is when witches are present. These beings in the collective imagination are associated with evil and arouse a feeling of fear, and if we dream them it could be a warning of bad omen.

Witches are sorceresses who use magic to achieve a positive or negative purpose. In movies and children’s stories we have been taught that they are villains who only comply with evil mandates, however, although they can do evil, there are also white magic witches who use their powers for the benefit of people.

That is why in dreams it will depend on the context to have a more precise interpretation. No matter what the situation is, dreaming about witches falls into the category of precognitive dreamsthat is, those that tell us that something could happen.

The negative aspect is an alert that complicated things could come into our lives and from the positive perspective they teach us what attitudes we must change so that the horizon looks more promising. Next, we take as a basis the interpretations of this dream made by the WeMystic.com site to teach you the most common meanings of dreaming about witches.

Dream flying witches

It means that the problems we have we try to solve with unethical practices. This generates distrust in other people since our attitudes are very questionable. On the other hand, this dream also tells us that we must escape from a situation in order to achieve our goals.

Dream about being chased by witches

Indicates that We did something wrong and the consequences are about to reach us. We must analyze what mistake we made and responsibly accept the damage we did, and if it is the case, repair it. Another interpretation is that a person with a very strong character dominates and annoys us.

Dream about being attacked by witches

It means that you want to express emotions and say out loud what bothers you, but for some reason you don’t. can also be a sign that hard times are aheadalthough we can overcome any obstacle.

Dream that you eliminate a witch

symbolizes that you fight and end the difficulties that surround you, for example, labor, economic or sentimental problems. You know that the only way to solve things is to face them.

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