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What does it mean to be an asexual person?

Sometimes some concepts can be confusing for some. Stay informed: understand what it’s like to be asexual.

Have you ever heard someone say that it is asexual, but don’t quite know what it means? The truth is that looking for information and increasing our knowledge is crucial to living peacefully in society.

The project ABCLGBTQIA+ describes the word as “A person who is not sexually attracted to other people. Nevertheless, asexual people can have intimate relationships with other people..

Thus, asexuality is a sexual orientation that identifies the person who is not attracted to anyone. However, being asexual goes far beyond having sex or not.

It is something much more complex and that can and should be experienced with fluidity in all its variations. Interested in finding out more? Stay with us, we explain everything.

Being asexual: what does it mean?

Sometimes, hearing new words, concepts or determinations can generate some confusion in people’s minds. However, we should always look for each topic so that we are properly informed and can understand what it is about.

That’s why, if you’ve heard the word asexual in the media, on the internet or even at the breakfast table, it is important to realize that this is, above all, a sexual orientation.

Basically, asexuality is when a person is not sexually attracted to other people. That is, there is no attraction for anyone and there is no action added to an erotic desire.

This definition helps us to understand a little better what asexual people feel, although it is a bit complex and difficult to summarize in a few words.

But what is really crucial to understand is the fact that asexuality is not determined by what a person does or does not do. Because in practice, she can be asexual having sex or not.

In fact, contrary to what many people think, asexual people can also get involved in relationships, hugging and kissing. Since in the same way, there are also people who don’t like touch or having any kind of romantic company.

A very common myth: “asexual relationships only occur between people of the same gender”

In the middle of the 21st century, it is necessary to open your mind and broaden your knowledge, think differently and embrace new ways of being in life, accepting each one’s sexual orientation, new cultures and so on.

There are, therefore, a series of issues that end up being the subject of conversation, especially on social networks. And sexual orientation is one of them. For this very reason, there are some myths that must be dispelled in order to avoid misinformation.

Being an asexual person does not necessarily mean that you are only with people of the same gender. In fact, asexual relationships may or may not occur between two people of the same gender..

Is having an asexual relationship a normal relationship?

The answer to this question is simple: Yes. Asexual people can have a normal relationship where there is love, involvement, interest and even intimacy.. The only aspect that is not so frequent or not at all is the issue of sexual contacts.

And this happens because in asexuality, people believe that love is not necessarily related to sex. sex. Therefore, they do not feel the need to be sexually attracted to each other in order to enter into a relationship.

Although there is no sexual intercourse due to lack of interest, masturbation can happen without sexual desire and without sexual fantasies being involved.

Deep down, it ends up working almost like a mechanical act, being less pleasurable and less intense when the only objective is to eliminate excess sperm in a man, for example.

There are still those who confuse celibacy with asexuality.

If you ever hear someone say this, don’t believe it! The two concepts are nothing alike and, once again, it will be disinformation that will take care of the person who wrongly passes on the information. So that there are no doubts, we explain.

When we refer to celibacy, we are talking about a choice that the person makes, where there is no intimate contact, but neither is there a loving relationship – like dating or marriage, for example. That is, the person does not have no kind of intimacy or closeness and chooses to remain single for life.

Two good examples are priests and nuns who decide, for religious and devotional reasons, not to have any kind of romantic relationship. However, sexual desire may exist and must be repressed.

In the case of asexuality, people do not have any kind of sexual desire. Which means they don’t need to repress or fight those kinds of urges, as they simply don’t exist.

In addition, the asexual person can marry and date unlike what happens in celibacy. As you already know, the two concepts are in no way similar and should not be confused.

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