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What does it mean that Riot games are now on Game Pass? • ENTER.CO

Xbox Game Pass and Riot Games have made an alliance to bring all their games to more people, with extra benefits. But how does it work?

One of the biggest announcements coming out of the Xbox and Bethesda presentation was the news that Riot Games games are now coming to Game Pass. Now that Riot Games has expanded more on this alliance, we decided to share with you everything you need to know about the arrival of your games on Game Pass.

When will these games come to Game Pass?

For now, the announcement has not created a window for the arrival of these games. Considering that all announcements of the event planned for within the next twelve months.

Will Riot Games Coming to Xbox Consoles?

No, the games remain available only on the consoles they can be played on: PC and mobile (where applicable).

Will my progress from my current account carry over to Game Pass?

Riot has not confirmed how using legacy accounts will work with Game Pass. However, the most logical thing is that you can access your account and profile, only having access to the benefits if you have an active subscription to the Xbox service.

What happens if I cancel Game Pass?

You will lose any benefits available. For example, in League of Legends you will lose access to champions you haven’t unlocked. You will not lose any progress you have made on your account (skins earned, levels achieved, ranks in the competitive modes leaderboards).

What additional content will LoL players receive?

At launch on Game Pass, players will have access to the entire current catalog of champions (over 160 as of press time). In addition to this, they will have access from day one to each champion that is released.

The same will apply to League of Legends: Wild Rift (LoL’s mobile adaptation) with day one access to all new champions.

What additional content will Legends of Runeterra players receive?

Those who play the card game from Riot Games will have access to the Foundations Set. This will give you access to the first set and it contains 318 cards and a total of 245 available champions.

What additional content will Teamfight Tactics (PC & Mobile) players receive?

TFT players will have access to certain Tier One Little Legends.

What additional content will Valorant players receive?

Through Game Pass, players will have access to all 18 available agents and will have the possibility to play with the new agents that are added.

Are there more benefits?

Yes. In some games, people will receive extra experience for playing through Game Pass.

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