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What does it mean for creators? • ENTER.CO

This week Twitch announced that it will no longer allow gambling content going forward. The news probably doesn’t affect you much, if the only reason you open the platform is to see your favorite creator play Minecraft. However, it is a change that for some creators can be quite important, considering the type of sponsored content, games and precautions that must be taken.

So at ENTER.CO we’ve decided to answer 6 key questions about Twitch’s new anti-gambling policy and what it means if you’re a content creator on the service.

1: What happened?

Twitch has banned streaming roulette, craps and slot games on the service that use real money.

2: why?

ItsSliker, a fairly popular streamer, confessed that he scammed his followers to raise more than $300,000 and thus pay off the betting debts he had accumulated on the live broadcasts he did and that were dedicated to this type of game. The community then made a call to ban this type of games.

3: From when does the ban apply?

Enter the place next October 18.

4: Does the ban affect all creators?

Yes, in the sense that it is an addition to the current rules and encompasses all content transmitted by the page.

5: Are all gambling games banned on Twitch?

No. Only those mentioned above. For example, it is still allowed to transmit and share Poker content, for example.

6: Does that mean gambling sites are supported?

Yes. Twitch will still allow streaming content that focuses on sports betting, fantasy team betting, and the aforementioned poker.

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