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What does it mean and how to check?

Caixa Tem is an application that came as a measure to facilitate access to government benefits. Initially, it was widely used to receive emergency aid that was paid to millions of Brazilians. But unfortunately the application has been experiencing annoying bugs that prevent users from using the services.

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What is Caixa Tem?

Caixa Tem is an application from Caixa Econômica Federal whose objective is to help distribute some government benefits. It makes it possible for the amounts received as emergency aid to be used in the application itself to pay slips, or even to make the request for another bank account.

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What does verification of request in Caixa Tem mean?

This error is usually very common in the application, and can be caused if there is a very high demand for users on the servers, or even due to a bug due to lack of updates on the client’s cell phone. Many people have reported this error when accessing the application, which left many people unable to use it.

How to verify the request in Caixa Tem?

As it is a bug, it is possible that you can get out of this issue by waiting a while and trying again, or looking for an update available for the application in your application store. When errors of this format occur, the company provides an update to correct it.

How long does it take to do the Caixa Tem verification?

This error is very common nowadays, and to be able to go through it when entering or even making a payment, it is important to analyze whether the benefits are really released, or wait to try again later. It usually takes at least a few hours to get back to normal.

What to do if nothing goes right in verifying the request in Caixa Tem?

If you are unable to get through the Caixa Tem request, it is important to contact the bank so that they can find a solution to your problem. And for that it is possible to go to some Caixa agency or call the number that is available all day.
Caixa Tem came to help make it easier to pay and receive government benefits, and it has helped a lot of Brazilians who have a certain difficulty with more complex technologies.

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