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What does CAD Cred divergence mean in the INSS statement?

The Cad Cred divergence usually happens when there are divergences in informed data, when this occurs, the citizen has his values ​​blocked by the agency. To solve this problem, it is necessary for the beneficiary to update their data or go to an INSS agency to carry out the proof of life. This process should be done once a year in the person’s birthday month.

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How can the CAD Cred divergence occur in the INSS?

There are several situations that lead to a Cad/Cred divergence, the first and most common is not updating the proof of life. The proof of life consists of a mandatory review for everyone who is insured by the INSS, people who receive some benefit or payment.

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The CAD/Cred divergence can also occur in cases of accidents at work. In this case, the acronym means that the employee may not be totally unable to perform any activity, and it is the responsibility of the company to accommodate this worker in another activity in which he can work without causing health problems or adversity.

The CAD/Cred appears when there is divergence of data and information from the beneficiary, that is, the information obtained so far is in disagreement or is insufficient to make the payment normally.

When the CAD/Cred appears on a beneficiary’s bank statement, it is common for the payment to be blocked because of this. It is extremely urgent that the person look for the solution as soon as possible so that they receive the amount normally.

How to correct data that cause divergence in the INSS?

If the case of disagreement is lack of proof of life, it will be necessary to follow a very simple process for resolution. It is enough for the retiree to go personally to the bank agency that is responsible for his/her benefit and carry out the indicated procedure.

It is necessary to present official documents with a photo, such as RG, work card or National Driver’s License (driver’s license??

In case of data discrepancies, the process will be to update the data for the INSS. For this process, it is possible to use the “Meu INSS” application, through which it is possible to schedule new investigations, report accidents at work, verify documents and their authenticity and find nearby agencies.

If you are experiencing this problem, know that it is quite common in the lives of beneficiaries. A good tip is to contact the INSS by phone 135. By contacting one of the attendants, it is possible to expose the case and receive information to proceed and solve the problem quickly. The INSS number is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 10 pm.

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