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What does Bad Bunny smell like? Fan reveals that he was “disappointed” when he went on stage

What does Bad Bunny smell like? It is the question that some of his fans may ask, but very few have the opportunity to verify, as happened to a Mexican follower, who shared her experience on social networks.

Bad Bunny was presented this weekend at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, and although the first date on December 9 was involved in controversy because a large number of fans were unable to enter the property due to the number of counterfeit tickets that distributed, more were able to witness the spectacle of the most listened to artist on the Spotify platform.

But as part of his World’s Hottest Tour 2022 tour, the interpreter of songs like “Tití me pregunta” and “Me porto bonito” also performed with resounding success in Tamaulipas, Mexico, where he gathered thousands of fans who chanted all his hits, but not only that, but, as it happens in all his concerts, only a few became the chosen ones to go on stage and show off their best steps with him and his group of dancers.

And it was one of the lucky ones who through social networks shared how her experience was with the Puerto Rican artist, of whom she confesses, she was disappointed when she had the opportunity to live together and have him in front of her.

As explained through TikTok, the user named @heyitsmayrin had a pleasant experience in general, but to the question that many fans ask regarding how bad bunny smellshe did not stay with a positive memory, since he did not actually manage to perceive a specific aroma.

In the clip that has thousands of views, the young woman explained that when she went on stage she was very well received by the dancers of the Puerto Rican native and the security team, who suggested that she “give everything” and enjoy this opportunity to the fullest. . Moment that she took the opportunity to smell the singer.

“He hugged us and I smelled it from the jacket because I also wanted to know what it smelled like, I was a little disappointed because it didn’t smell like anything“, he replied.

She stressed that she did not perceive an unpleasant aroma either, but it was definitely not what she expected.

It didn’t even smell of sweat, it didn’t smell of perfume, I didn’t really smell itI didn’t smell anything. The other girl says that he smelled beautiful, but I didn’t smell, maybe the boy who hugged him could smell a little more, but I didn’t smell, ”he added.

The young woman who is currently studying medicine concluded her experience as one of the best of her life, since she waited almost the whole year to attend the concert, and fortunately it was totally worth it.

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