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What do your exes miss about you, according to your zodiac sign?

The romantic life of a person is made up of different relationships, this means that things did not work out on more than one occasion and whatever the reason for the breakup, positive and other negative memories remain, as it turns out that zodiac signs tell us what our exes miss about us.

Astrologically, we project the energy of the sign that governs us and although each of us personalizes this cosmic vibe, there are certain general aspects of love that make us unforgettable. Ask Astrology astrologers revealed in an interesting article what these traits are. Do you want to know what your ex-partners miss about you? Your zodiac sign tells you.

You encouraged your partner to get out of their comfort zone and it was common for them to try new things. Therefore, what your exes miss is precisely that, the energy that motivated them to always do something different.

Your sign is one of those who sticks to routines, so commitment appears as a quality in each of your relationships and that is what your exes miss, because not everyone is faithful and devoted from the beginning.

As your sign is versatile, restless and curious in your relationships, you are always looking to do something new to avoid boredom, and you do it in a fun way. That’s why what they miss the most about you is your cheerful and sociable character.

It is no secret to anyone that your sign is the most emotional of the zodiac, which is why you are very affectionate with your partners. What they miss most about you is that you really valued them and your feelings were pure.

It is possible that your relationships have ended because they told you that you were “selfish” and although it may be true, the reality is that your sign also has many qualities. Your exes know that, but the one they miss the most is your confidence because you made them feel safe.

Although you criticize others, you are even harder on yourself, this is because you want the best for yourself and your loved ones. Your exes miss that one voice of encouragement that motivated them to always give their best effort.

Your sign needs peace and balance in your life, so you don’t like conflicts and you always fight to maintain harmony in your relationships. Your exes really miss you you did anything to make them happy.

It takes you a long time to trust people, that’s why you are private, reserved and mysterious, but when you love, you do it with passion. Your exes miss your loyalty and passionate energy that you print in all aspects of your life.

Your sign is the most adventurous and optimistic of the Zodiac, so it knows how to cheer up anyone who is depressed. In this sense, your exes miss that you always made them laugh and you knew what to do to cheer them up when they were sad.

Just as your commitment is total in your career, it is with your partner when you love. When things don’t work your exes miss how loyal you were in the relationship. For you it was the most important thing at that moment and you know that they did not know how to value it.

Your sign is the progressive and idealist of the Zodiac, which is why it is always innovating. You offer your partners the opportunity to see the world from another perspective and that is what they miss from you, your ability to make your environment a better place.

You are a sensitive, empathetic and sincere person, in addition, your sign is intuitive and dreamy. Your partner is going to miss that you were always there to support her And you paid attention to everything I had to say.

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