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What do we know about season 4 of ‘The Boys’? Release date and plot • ENTER.CO

The Boys is still that show that delivers much more than we expect. The most recent season of the show closes with eight chapters that rarely let our guard down and, more importantly, leave us wanting much more.

With this, the question that many can ask themselves is, will there be a next season of the show? It seems obvious considering your conclusion. So in this article we tell you everything we know about the next batch of episodes of the bloodiest team of super heroes on TV.

Will there be a season 4 of The Boys?

Yes. Shortly after the Season 3 premiere, Amazon confirmed that they had renewed their show for a Season 4.

When is The Boys season 4 coming?

Although the season was announced, The Boys 4 has yet to begin production. We also don’t have a date to start recording, but if the trend continues, Amazon should start shooting the show by the end of this year.

There was a gap of almost two years between seasons two and three of The Boys. However, like other productions, the main culprit turned out to be the pandemic. The show usually has an annual release, which means we should have news of the next season’s premiere sometime in 2023.

Is there a possibility of delays?

Yes. The main reason is that Amazon is developing different spinoff series based on The Boys franchise. To avoid saturation on its platform, it is possible that the show moves its premiere a bit and thus avoids colliding with any of the other stories in its universe.

What will we see in season 4 of The Boys?

These are some of the plots that a new season of The Boys will surely have to resolve:

– The Boys trying to stop Victoria Neuman as the new Vice President of the United States.

– Butcher with only a few months to live (something unknown to the rest of the group).

– Ryan publicly assuming his role as Homelander’s son (and, if the final scene is to be believed, becoming similar).

– Homelander increasing his popularity with his extreme fans. If you can already execute people in public, there is little you can avoid doing right now.

– The State of 7. Right now the only remaining team members are A-Train and The Deep. The former has begun to show a lack of trust after the events with his brother. The second is once again in the eye of the hurricane after his ex-wife revealed his private life.

– Will we see Soldier Boy again? Will they be able to use his power as a weapon against new supers?

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