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What do the post-credits scenes of ‘Love and Thunder’ mean? • ENTER.CO

Were you lost with the post credit scenes of Love and Thunder? No problem. At ENTER.CO we tell you everything you need to know about them.

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You know the speech. At the end of every Marvel movie there are post credits scenes. Are important? Who knows. Is it important to see an ant playing the drums? Probably not. Is it important to see the most important villain of the first three phases? You will tell me. Thor Love and Thunder has two post-credits scenes, and unlike other movies, they’re both pretty big.

At ENTER.CO we now explain what each one means for the future of the MCU.

The appearance of Hercules

The first post-credits scene of Love and Thunder shows us that Zeus is not dead, but that the father of the Greek gods can apparently survive the attack of his own weapon. As Thor predicted, now the entire group of gods is behind his head and Zeus has decided to send his champion: Hercules, to finish off the god of thunder.

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The actor who makes his debut in the MCU is none other than Brett Goldstein, who for many will be an unknown name, but for fans of Ted Lasso a mark of quality from the MCU. In the comics Hercules (like many other characters) he initially made his debut as a villain when The Enchantress (an Asgardian witch) hypnotized him into attacking the Avengers. Even though the team defeated him, the Olympians considered him an embarrassment and exiled him for this raid. After being adopted by the heroes of the earth, the god became a secondary character in the MCU, sharing the stage in events such as Planet Hulk, Secret Invasion, as well as various adventures with Thor (which is why we understand his debut in this movie). ).

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Jane in Vallhala… and her future

In the last scene we see that Jane’s time spent as Thor and her sacrifice in battle earned her going to Vallhala where she meets Heimdall (who, if you don’t remember, died in Avengers: Infinity War at the hands of Thanos). Jane is shocked by her reception in the afterlife and immediately the screen goes black.

This is important, because just like in the comics, Jane makes the ultimate sacrifice and uses what’s left of her power as Thor to save the world…but transforming back into her human version who dies of Cancer. The death does not even last the chapter, because Jane would be resurrected and now she would dedicate herself completely to chemotherapy, eventually eliminating the cancer.

This would not be the end of Jane as a hero. A little later the pieces of Mjolnir would melt down and create Undrjarn, a liquid metal-like weapon that gives its wielder the power to create any weapon in his imagination. Jane would eventually accept her role as the new Valkyrie of Asgard, returning to her role as the hero.

The scene seems to indicate that the Jane of this world could have a rather similar fate, with her training in Vallhala perhaps to return at some point as a new Valkyrie (now that she has the chance to train with the originals).

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