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What did they say? Adrián Marcelo shares the video where the conversation that caused the fighter Chessman to hit him is heard

for the third day in a row Adrián Marcelo and Chessman have been among the main trends from Twitter, because of the altercation they had last weekend at The World is a Vampire festival, where The influencer approached the fighter to interview him and ended up receiving a slap. In the video that initially circulated, what they talked about was not well appreciated; However, the content creator has already published the clip with the audio in high definition where the interview is heard perfectly.

The influencer from Nuevo León he had already anticipated that the gladiator’s annoyance was due to the fact that he asked why they hadn’t put it on the billboard and he took it as an affrontfor which he reacted aggressively, which is confirmed in this video.

My Chessman, didn’t they program you or what fart, carnal?“Adrián Marcelo asked, to which the fighter replied curtly: “Sorry? Who are you, ‘brother’?”

After Adrián Marcelo told him his name, the fighter continued: “To begin with, I’m not a guy, talk to me with respect. If they didn’t schedule me, it’s because I’m hurt, dude,” he said. “Are you the pin… influencer that cheap?”, he questioned immediately afterwards.

What followed was that the content creator explained to the fighter that he was well known among his people, which caused him to take another rudeness.: “You and your people ching… to his mother”, Chessman told him.

Then The influencer wanted to respond ironically, saying that he had taken wrestling classes and that he could not know it, provoking as a response from the gladiator a resounding blow that he gave his interviewer between the neck and the face.

Finally, Adrián Marcelo took a glass of beer from one of the attendees and threw it in the fighter’s face. Instantly, the fighters who were close to Chessman intervened to prevent this attempt to escalate, separating them.

Of course, after the revelation of the video, conflicting opinions were unleashed about the veracity of the event, since many believe that it was something planned and others that it was completely unexpected. Here we leave it complete for you to judge for yourself; the actions with the gladiator take place after the 18th minute.

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