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Below we will give spoilers for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

The final scene of Thor: Love and Thunder is a rather emotional (and somewhat cheesy) moment where Jane Foster and Thor say their goodbyes, with the god of thunder convincing Gorr to use his wish to revive his dead daughter. One of the mysteries that the film keeps however is a moment where Jane tells Thor that she already found his new catchphrase and whispers it in his ear, to which Thor replies with ‘perfect’.

The line is never shared with the public. Kind of strange, considering that during the climax of the final battle Jane uses one of the phrases she discussed with Thor: ‘Eat my hammer.’ So it doesn’t make sense that the movie actually hides what she said to Thor. And it seems that at the end of the day Portman is not going to let anyone know what he said… not even Taika Waititi, the director of the film himself.

The revelation was made in an interview that the actress gave to Cinemablend in which she went into the details of this moment in the film. “That scene was really, really fun to shoot,” she said of this moment. “And yes, there is a specific line, but I will never reveal it.”

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The actress’s attitude tells us that whatever she said at the time is not really important to the plot of the movie or any future events in the MCU. At least for now. As we have mentioned before, one of the post-credits scenes seems to suggest the possibility that at some point Jane will return to the MCU, this time as one of the Valkyries of Asgard, following the current history of her character in the pages of Marvel.

This scene also echoes another of the moments from the comics that, interestingly enough, is closely tied to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder. In the original story the reason Jane becomes the new Thor is not because the original god of thunder lost his hammer, but because he simply becomes someone who is not worthy to use it. Nick Fury at the time he whispers something in Thor’s ear after which the hero is unable to lift the hammer from him. We later learn that what he said was ‘Gorr was right’, causing a crisis in the hero who deep down had come to a similar conclusion as the murder of gods: that they were not worthy of admiration, but arrogant creatures. and full of revenge.

Hopefully, Marvel will be able to get something out of this moment. We will have to wait a little longer to find out if one day we will know the mystery behind what Jane Foster whispered to Thor before Dying.

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