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What color of candles to use to get a job and be successful at work

One of the main concerns that people have is finding employment and having a stable job, and when spiritual help is desired to achieve these goals, one of the most popular rituals is to light a candle.

Candles are basic elements in rituals as they symbolize the materialization of wishes. The flame means light in the dark and represents the element of fire. Furthermore, they are believed to be the link between the divine and earthly realms.

The colors are important because the energy of each tone is associated with the request or intention of the candle. Next, based on the recommendations of WeMystic, a site specialized in astrology, spirituality and rituals, We tell you what colors of candles to light when your desire is to find a job and have professional success.

blue candle

The blue color in the candles symbolizes spirituality, heaven, peace, harmony, tranquility, health, success, home and good working relationships. If your wish is that the paths open up to have stability in your work, light a blue candle on Thursdays.

orange candle

This color is associated with optimism, service to others, energy, sexual appetite, communication and promotes social relationships. An orange candle is ideal when you want to get a job and you want to be successful in your work. You must turn it on on Tuesdays.

green candle

Green is the color of hope, prosperity, money and luck. It also serves to clean negative energies. Light a candle of this color on Fridays if you want to improve your employment situation and want to get a better paid job.

white candle

White candles are used for all kinds of petitions. They represent purity, peace, the divine, harmony, balance and protection. For work you can turn it on if you want to ward off the threat of layoffs or find a prosperous job.

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