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What career type are you? Here are the 4 most common!

Have you ever wondered what career type you are? Are you the “expert” who wants to learn everything in your field or are you the one who is driven by personal development and often changes industry? Find out below!

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All people are different – and fortunately so! In a workplace there are people with different skills, knowledge and experience. And it is said that there are four different career types! Are you the type to jump from industry to industry to learn as much as possible? Or are you perhaps the one who chooses to focus on a specific profession and become an expert in that particular field? Find out what career type you are below – do you find one that suits you?

The linear

You are driven by climbing the career ladder and enjoy constantly being given greater responsibility. As a person, you are competitive and performance-oriented and goal-oriented. You like to decide and your biggest drive is to work your way up. Results and titles are important to you. Within a few years, you want a promotion and preferably take over the manager’s place – otherwise you will apply further.

The expert

Unlike the linear type, you don’t think that climbing your career is as important. You have chosen a profession where you can constantly develop your knowledge and skills. Your goal is to be the best in your field. You are driven by immersing yourself in what you do and you have no problem working with the same profession for the rest of your life. As a person, you are passionate about your subject, well-read, knowledgeable and thorough.

The extender/developer

As an “extender”, you like to change industries or areas often and are driven by personal development. The more jobs, the more experiences and new perspectives. You don’t mind jumping into a new job spontaneously and are happy to take chances along the way without having a direct plan. As a person, you are brave and love to try something new. In your new jobs, you benefit from the knowledge you already possess and you build on your life with broad knowledge.

The episodic

You who constantly seek variety, new challenges and often change industries and tasks belong to the episodic career type. You get bored easily and look for new jobs when you feel you already know the job. Although this career type can be compared to the expander, you change jobs even more often and see no common thread at all in what you take on. Personal development is not the most important thing, as long as the job is fun and you get to try things you’ve never done before. As a person, you are curious, flexible and open.

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