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What Cancer people are like: 7 positive and negative traits that identify this sign

Cancer people have the stereotype of being extremely sensitive, emotional and with constant mood swings, but behind the personality of the fourth sign of the zodiac there is more than sentimentality and nostalgia. They are the most intuitive, protective and receptive of the entire horoscope, so their personality has a lot to say.

Those born from June 21 to July 20 are ruled by the Moon, the astrological planet that controls emotionsfor this reason they are more in tune with the feelings of other people, that is, they feel the suffering and happiness of others on a deeper level.

The crab symbolizes love for home, this crustacean hides in its shell to protect itself from external threats. Cancer finds at home the ideal place to recharge their energies, analyze, feed and care for their loved ones.

As a water sign, they are intuitive, they thrive when their emotions are harmonized, so their priority is not the material but the sentimental. According to experts from Astrology Answers, these are 7 traits, positive and negative, most characteristic of people who are Cancer.

1. They are very sensitive

Sensitivity is one of the greatest characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer. This trait applies to everything in your life, from food to temperatures to bad vibes.. Therefore, they need a healthy environment and lifestyle.

2. They prioritize feelings

As an emotional sign they talk a lot about feelings. It’s not that they’re trying to get attention, they’re just trying to make sense of things that steal their energy.. In addition, they are easily in tune with other people’s emotions so they will always talk about what affects them.

3. They are very intuitive

Cancer’s way of making decisions is different from other signs. His strong sense of intuition leads them to operate based on premonitions, this means they make plans based on their feelings and often have results.

4. They fall in love quickly

It is one of the signs that can experience more toxic relationships because it falls in love quickly. Over time they learn to protect their hearts and are cautious about taking the next step. Cancer is the one that matures faster emotionally.

5. Family is his priority

Cancer thrives on close relationships so your family is a priority.. This does not mean that they necessarily want to have children, this protective energy can be channeled towards their friends or other responsibilities, although they do have a more marked tendency to form a family, according to astrologers.

6. They are often co-dependent

Not only in relationships Cancer shows co-dependency. You can manifest it with parents, friends, partner or towards children. This sign has no problem expressing what it feels, however, it is also a reality that needs its space, so the stereotype of being suffocating is more a myth than a reality.

7. They live many emotions in a single day

Naturally the only sign ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions, experiences a roller coaster of emotions during the day, this because feelings impact him more strongly than the rest. These mood swings support the reputation of being the sign with the worst mood of the zodiac.

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