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What can block unemployment insurance?

Unemployment insurance is one of the main benefits to which workers are entitled in the event of dismissal, and for this reason we know that its blockage can lead to serious problems. So, to prevent this from happening, we ask: What can block unemployment insurance?

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What is unemployment insurance?

Unemployment insurance is a right guaranteed to Brazilian workers by the government. It guarantees that in the event of dismissal without just cause, the worker has the means to support himself and his family until he finds another job. So what can block insurance?

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How can unemployment insurance be blocked?

Blocking of insurance can occur for different reasons.


If the worker acquires a new job, the unemployment insurance will be blocked, since the worker has now acquired another means to support his family.

suspected fraud

Many workers forge resignations in order to be able to take advantage of the benefit, or adhere to informal jobs to be able to keep receiving unemployment insurance while they work. Insurance fraud can characterize the crime of embezzlement and can lead to imprisonment and/or a fine.

Active CNPJ or MEI

Have CNPJ or MEI asset voids your right to insurance. Disconnect from the institution, if it is not working, so that you can receive insurance.

How to solve the unemployment insurance blocking problem?

You can resolve the lock in two ways.


Through the “Carteira de Trabalho Digital” application, you can request a review. Accessing the application you need to go to the “benefit” tab and choose the “unemployment insurance/consult” option. Enter the application number, go to the “recourse” option and fill in the form.

in person

You can also go to the superintendencies, at the agencies of the National Employment System or at the regional labor agencies, and there they will instruct you on what to do to request a review of your insurance.

We hope to have resolved your doubt regarding the issue. This is a benefit of great importance for the people, as it is a source of support in difficult situations, and is without a doubt one of the great achievements of the Brazilian worker.

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