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What awaits you in December, the last month of 2022, according to numerology

according to numerology December 2022 is a universal month 9 after the sum of all its digits results in said number. This means that the energy of the last month of the year speaks of closures, libration, gives us strength to free and focus our minds on life’s purposes.

How does the numerological energy of December affect you personally? To find out, you have to decipher your personal month number. Calculating it is simple, you just have to add your personal year number to the current month number, which is 3, because the sum of 1 plus 2 (since December is month 12) is equal to 3, and reduce it to a number of one figure.

If you don’t know what your year number is, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit, for example, if you were born on February 19, calculate it: 1+9+2=12 and 1+2=3.

Then, reduce the current year to a single number, for this 2022 it is 6 because 2+0+2+2=6. Finally, add these two numbers. In the case of our example it is 3+6=9; If it is a two-digit number, add them again to get a single number.

Calculate your personal number for December 2022

Now that you know your year number, all you have to do is add your personal year to the month numberwhich as we explained above corresponds to 3, and simplify it to a single digit.

So, continuing with the example above, the personal year number is 9 plus the month number 3 equals 12, so 1+2=3. The latter is the personal number for December.

What does this personal number mean for your year-end? Next, we explain it to you.

Personal month number 1

This number brings the energy of passion, creativity and puts you first, that is, it forces you to put your needs before those of others. According to Numerology.com, it is a month to figure out where you want your future to go.

Personal month number 2

The 2nd makes you sensitive to the needs of others, so it is likely that this month you want to keep your loved ones happy. This number also leads you to avoid conflicts, so it can be exhausting if you are a people pleaser. You must set limits.

Personal number of month 3

Your energy of the month is charming, powerful and authentic, ideal for expressing yourself. Take advantage of this month to put your most fanciful ideas into practice and take risks.

Personal month number 4

The energy of 4 is ideal for establishing the bases and structures for your daily life, that is, creating plans that allow you to be healthier. The frequency of this number also gives you more confidence.

Personal month number 5

The number 5 in numerology has the energy of change, variety, and freedom. In the numerological cycle it is half, so its frequency acts as a turning point. This means that you will do what is necessary to turn your life around.

Personal number of month 6

You will feel a maternal energy this month because the frequency of 6 stimulates your love and harmony at home. It is the ideal time to observe in detail what family, friends and your partner mean to you.

Personal month number 7

It’s a reminder to stop striving for things that aren’t worth it and allow life to take its course. The 7th asks you to work internally, through meditation or walks in the fresh air, to heal emotional wounds.

Personal month number 8

It means that December will not be a quiet month for you, from a work point of view, however, the rewards will be enormous. The 8 is the symbol of wealth and prosperity so the luck of the world is on your side.

Personal month number 9

The energy of 9 means closures and liberation, so it asks you to prepare the way for a new numerological cycle that, coincidentally for you, will start right in 2023. It’s time to take stock and look at which opportunities escaped and which ones you took advantage of.

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