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what are they and how are they classified

Choosing to buy a refurbished iPhone helps your wallet and the environment. It’s not a new phone, but it will work as such.

You refurbished are technological devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer; which, having been used or manufactured with a defect, have been repaired to ensure “like new” performance. This equipment may also come from take-back programs or in-store display equipment. In functional terms, they are devices that present a performance exactly the same as their original versions, but that, not being new, can be acquired for a much more attractive price. The values ​​can represent reductions around 60%.

If you choose a Refurbished device, look for stores that sell their Refurbished ones with the regulatory warranty for this type of equipment, which is 3 years. And opt for stores that sell, such as iServiceswho submit their refurbished vehicles to a complete battery of tests that guarantee not only a total cleaning and repair, but also the reconfiguration of the original software, making them 100% operational.

Refurbished: the best choice for the planet

In addition to the good performance that the Apple Refurbished they can offer, they bring with them a satisfaction that no new model can offer you: the certainty that you are getting a good deal for yourself and for the planet. Purchasing one of these devices helps to reduce unnecessary production of new equipment. It saves not only energy but also the raw materials that are consumed during the process.

Buying a Refurbished one is the best way to recycle this type of equipment, avoiding the extraction of non-renewable resources and ensuring its conservation so that we can have technological devices for many more years. For the deal to be perfect, all you need to know is what the different categories applied to Refurbished products mean and understand how they are reflected in the different prices they present.

iServices Apple Refurbished: Grade A+ to Grade B

There are different categories for classification of these seminovos devices that value its aesthetic appearance more than its functioning. At iServices Online Storeyou will not find devices below Grade B for sale, so the differences between the Grade A +, Grade A and Grade B categories are predominantly aesthetic since inside all are able to function at full potential, whether they are a iPhone refurbisheda Macbook or an Apple Watch.

Grade A+

The equipment is like new and has no scratches on the screen or the camera lens. The chassis may have small imperfections, but they are very residual or even non-existent.

Grade A

There may be slight noticeable scratches in the area of ​​the screen and on the chassis of the equipment, but they will only be perceptible to the eye and never to the touch.

Grade B

This category includes equipment in good condition and the only difference, compared to the previous category, has to do with the visible marks on the screen and on the chassis, which are slightly perceptible to the touch, without ever affecting its proper functioning.

Refurbished: Avoid Grade C and D

At iServices You won’t find Refurbished in the Grade C and D categories. But since some equipment that appears for sale on the market may have these ratings, it’s good to know what they mean to be prepared, especially if you make an online purchase. Either of the two classifications distances the Refurbished from the user experience that it could have with a new equipment.

Grade C

The devices are functional, but show signs of very strong use, such as scratches, dents or broken hinges (eg on laptops). They may also show signs of dropping, namely uneven light diffusion across the screen.

Grade D

The equipment is broken or defective and may not even work, serving only for the use of parts.

If you choose a Refurbished one, look for accredited stores that provide guarantees for your equipment. The purchase will be safer and you will have the support you need to have an experience of using your equipment as if it were new.

And don’t be shy about switching to a Refurbished Apple if you’ve never been a user of the apple brand. In the case of iServices, the store also guarantees access to exclusive private label accessories: lightning cable and plug charger for iPhone and iPad, plug charger and matching bracelet for Apple Watch and charger and power adapter for Macbook. confirm here the refurbished Apple provided by iServices.

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For your wallet and the environment!

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