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What are the zodiac signs that have the most chances of winning the lottery?

Zodiac signs could affect our chances of winning the lottery. According to astrology, the stars can not only predict the success we will have in a relationship, work, family or friendship, they also impact fortune.

An interesting investigation by Lott, a site that brings together Australian lottery games, found that there are signs that are more likely to get the prize. According to data collected based on the dates of birth of the lucky winners and reviewed by the Daily Mail, those born from February 19 to March 20 are the ones who take home the most money.

This means that Pisces is the zodiac sign with the most chances of winning the lottery. The study showed that 11.6% of the winners belong to this sign. The reason may perhaps lie in the energy it has from its ruling planets: Neptune and Jupiter.

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Each sign has a percentage of luck in the lottery, according to the study. Photo: Shutterstock

The first is your modern ruling star, which is associated with fantasies, desires and the mystical side; while the second is the traditional ruler of it and is related to luck and prosperity. The combination of both planets could tip the balance in your favor, however, it is not the only sign that has fortune for gambling.

The second most likely sign to win the lottery is Gemini with 9.9%. The twins have Mercury, the planet of communication and thought on their side, so it could be a factor in their favor when it comes to “feeling” which numbers will be chosen.

Virgo is in third place with a percentage of 8.9, and like Gemini it has Mercury as its ruler, but its zodiacal element is earth. This means that, as a practical thinker, he may not expect to win the jackpot, but luck favors him for just that.

By contrast, the sign that has obtained the least prize money, according to Lott data, is Sagittarius with 6%. As curious as it may seem, the archer has Jupiter as ruling planet, the same lucky star that is the co-ruler of Pisces, the most successful. Possibly because he has fortune in many other aspects of his life, he is not one of those who usually resort to the lottery. Whatever the explanation, it is still an interesting fact.

Below is the full list of percentages of signs that have won the jackpot.

1. Pisces 11.6%
2. Gemini 9.9%
3. Virgo 8.9%
4. Aquarius 8.5%
5. Scorpio 8.5%
6. Taurus 8.5%
7. Cancer 8.2%
8. Leo 7.7%
9. Pound 7.7%
10. Capricorn 7.7%
11. Aries 7.5%
12. Sagittarius 6%

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