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What are the social security rights of the MEI?

In advance, the individual microentrepreneur (MEI) became one of the business regimes that grow every day in Brazil. The creation of MEI serves to regularize entrepreneurs who were previously known as informal workers. The MEI has many labor rights, which would be retirement, sickness benefit and death pension.

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Discover the benefits of MEI

In this sense, the MEI has guaranteed benefits and to be entitled to all, it will be important to pay the Individual Microentrepreneur Simplified Collection Document (DAS-MEI) every month.

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The Simples Nacional Collection Document serves as a guide for micro-entrepreneur payments and groups municipal, state and federal taxes.

How much should the individual micro-entrepreneur pay to the INSS?

That is, for this occasion, the entrepreneur must pay 5% of the minimum wage, R$ 1,100 in the year 2021, to Social Security, so that he is eligible in the future to obtain the benefits.


For example, the minimum age for MEI women to retire is 60 and 65 for men. So both must have made their contributions for at least 15 years.

MEIs who wish to retire before the deadline will have to pay additional amounts in a monthly contribution of 15% of the minimum wage, with the percentage of the rate being 20%.

However, if you want a pension greater than the minimum wage, keep in mind that the amount should be increased equally. The micro-entrepreneur has the right to retire due to disability, it will be necessary to have contributed to the Social Security for at least one year.

sick pay

In this case, sickness benefit will only be granted to micro-entrepreneurs who are unable to perform their duties at work.

So, the MEI must count on the amount of a minimum wage during his leave, however, as well as the disability retirement, it will be necessary that the MEI has contributed at least one year and undergo examinations with the expert doctor of the INSS??

maternity allowance

Maternity aid will only be granted to pregnant women who need to be away from work or due to adoption, abortion or legal guardianship. In this sense, there is a need for 10 contributions to apply for the benefit, with a duration of 120 days.

Seclusion aid

In addition, family members of a micro-entrepreneur who is arrested will receive the benefit, but it is important to have made contributions to the INSS for two years.

death benefit

In this case, it will be important for the micro-entrepreneur to have all contributions in order, for the family to be entitled to receive the death pension, and each benefit duration varies.

If the death occurs without the micro-entrepreneur having contributed for 18 months, the pension will be paid for only 4 months or, if the marriage has not completed two years of the death of the MEI.

If the individual microentrepreneur has correctly completed the 18 contributions, the duration may vary in relation to his age.

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