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what are the signs to know i have? Look!

Depression is a neuropsychiatric illness that affects millions of people around the world. The most serious thing is that many people suffer from this evil and are unaware of it. In other words, we need to talk about it.

No one is immune to this disease. However, some people tend to develop it more intensively. That way, if you don’t treat it, it can have many consequences. From job abandonment, loss of will to live and a host of other things.

Therefore, in this text, we list some symptoms that need to be observed. And if there is suspicion, a professional should be consulted. The most important thing is not to let the problem grow.

Excessive sadness can be a latent sign of depression.

People often feel sad and nothing has happened, that is, it is sadness for no reason, so it must be observed. In this way, she felt a tightness in her chest and the urge to cry, paying attention to this.

Sadness is part of human existence. Nobody is happy all the time. Especially in the face of situations we don’t expect. But if a feeling of heaviness comes along that cannot be explained, seek help.

Observe, especially if this feeling is accompanied by discouragement. That is, if you lack the will to do everyday things. This can set up a frame of depression.

Excessive despondency can indicate depression.

A lazy Monday is part of life. But in case you don’t want to get out of bed. Especially if it remains static, it could be a sign of depression. And this is a serious symptom.

This is a time not to listen to the experts on duty. That is, people who simply give opinion without foundation. It is best to seek medical help. Yeah, many will say that vagrancy, just laziness or freshness.

But know that depression is a disease and the symptoms are real. And like any nuisance, it must be treated. And in the right way.

sleep changes

Not all people sleep 8 hours a day. But adequate sleep should compose everyone’s life. So when you notice any changes in bedtime, look for an area professional. It can indicate serious health problems.

In the case of depression, this can be a symptom. As well as an aggravating factor in the picture. So if sleep is delayed. If you lose sleep and your head is full of bad thoughts, that’s a sign.

Shortness of breath and depression

Many people with depression experience shortness of breath. Along with this comes a strong pressure in the chest. That’s a strong sign. Some people even feel like they’re having a heart attack.

It is essential to observe this event. Because it is already the organism itself alerting the person. That is, the body says, it will take care of itself. As well as an opportunity to take care of health as a whole.

Loss of appetite and libido

Depression is the result of a lack of communication between neurotransmitters. Thus, one of the causes is the loss of pleasures. this affects both appetite and libido. In this way, the person has no will to satisfy himself.

Many people affected by depression lose interest in themselves. This relates to self-care and quality of life. Yeah, it’s a disease that hits the person and those around them.


Just like the other symptoms. If a person feels anger, it comes out of nowhere. Or is mainland irritated for no reason. This must be investigated. Yeah, just like sadness, getting angry is normal. But you have to have a reason.

So pay attention to your feelings. They are always warning you that there is a bigger problem. Ask yourself, why did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. And seek help.


Have you ever heard someone say whatever? Or as they say in the countryside, if the water runs downhill or uphill, I don’t care. This is apathy. it becomes serious when the events of life do not reach the person.

Therefore, the individual no longer feels anything. Sadness, anger, or even joy. This is one of the most serious symptoms. For it relates to the vital elan. Often, at this stage, the person is unable to ask for help on their own.

So if someone close has these characteristics. Seek to help with zeal and affection. Because many don’t realize

Depression has a cure

Depression has treatment

Depression is a disease that must be treated correctly. Even the start of treatment can begin at any stage. Even if already very advanced. In the case, when the person completely loses strength.

There is no generic treatment. Therefore, you need to look for a psychiatrist or neurologist. Thus, from the diagnosis, follow the prescriptions. And this is made up of a set of actions.

Treatment for depression includes:

  • psychotherapy: with the help of a psychologist, the person goes to meet his emotions. While finding the means to heal the traumas.
  • medication: there are a number of drugs indicated for the treatment of depression. So the doctor will indicate which will be the most suitable. As well as the dosage.
  • physical activity: which is essential for the production of hormones and essential substances for the body’s well-being.
  • healthy eating: proper eating will make a lot of difference in the treatment process.

Depression delays people’s lives a lot. Besides causing unnecessary discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to look for ways to cure it.

Depression and Prejudice

Many people do not seek adequate treatment for depression due to prejudice, as many say that psychiatrists and psychologists are for crazy people. In fact, there are few who despise science.

So don’t stop in time. If you have any symptoms or grant someone who goes through this, seek or indicate urgent help. The faster, the sooner relief comes. As we’ve seen. There are millions of people who suffer and need help.

Therefore, depression is not a demon, it is not laziness and not freshness. But, yes, it is a disease that has a cure and must be treated. Thus, being negligent with health can cause many other more serious problems.

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