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What are the savings pockets of my digital banking for?

Since the arrival of digital banking, several of the financial entities have included in their portfolio a function that few know: Savings pockets.

As its name suggests, this possibility of pockets is an easy, creative and simple way to manage your money. This without having to open new savings accounts or new financial products. Its principle focuses on what you can do with cash, put it in a savings fund and use it later when your goal has been met.

What are savings pockets?

They are savings mechanisms designed to allow you as a user to separate the money in your own bank account. The objective is that you can focus on meeting your savings goals or separate your money from unforeseen payments. With these pockets you can define goals such as “trip to Europe”, “the next car”, “my next study”. The idea is that you can set your purposes to save and above all that you fulfill them.

How do they work?

These types of tools are focused on offering availability whenever you need it as a user. Your money will be available all the time and at any time. Most of these pockets do not have movement limits as is the case with bank accounts. In addition, they facilitate its use within the application of banking entities or through the virtual banking portal.

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What are they for?

They serve as a financial education mechanism to encourage users to set savings goals and meet them. As they are easy to manage and can be used by everyone. In some cases and some platforms allow you to configure a type of “block” to discourage the use of money by the user.

Which banks have savings pockets?

Despite the fact that the advantages of technology in financial institutions are widespread, not all entities have this system out of pocket. Some of the ones that do have them are:

  • Bank AvVillas
  • BanColombia
  • Nequi
  • DaviSilver
  • Dahousing
  • Colpatria
  • Bank of Bogota
  • popular Bank
  • social housing Bank

The best thing about this tool is that it is completely digital and since it is tied to your main bank account, it enjoys all the benefits of protection and security that your financial institution offers.

Image: David Dvořáček on Unsplash

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