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What are the protective quartz of Capricorn

Quartz amplify personal qualities by potentiating our energies, and If your zodiac sign is Capricorn, there are certain minerals that will help you work with your astrological energy.. Crystals, as they are also known, are a gift of nature that contain electromagnetic properties that are in tune with the energy of the universe and, consequently, with our astral field.

One of the ways to know which quartz is in tune with your energy is through the zodiac signs. Those who were born from December 21 to January 19 belong to the most disciplined, ambitious, pragmatic and traditionalist sign of the Zodiac.. However, the sea goat is also obsessed with work and success, and is often pessimistic and cynical.

The quartz that we list below will allow Capricorn to amplify its positive qualities and attenuate its negative ones, so it is recommended to use them as a protective amulet.


This beautiful reddish quartz is one of the birthstones of Capricorn, noted Astrology Answers. For this reason, it naturally amplifies all your astrological qualities, especially when they are inspired by the heart. If you want to work with your loving energy, this is the right quartz.

green aventurine

This quartz is known as the “stone of opportunities” because it stimulates manifestation, attracts abundance and gives energy to act in relation to our desires. When Capricorn feels lonely, this quartz will lift you from the chair and will lead you back towards your purpose.

white howlite

Capricorn invests most of his time in achieving success, forgetting that rest and personal care are also important. This quartz will help you take a breather even in moments of greatest stress. It will balance his mind, soul and body, freeing him from anxiety.


This quartz is one of the most powerful to purify the environment of negative energies. Capricorn can use it when they need a moment of reflection and if they feel overwhelmed. It is more powerful if you use it while practicing yoga or meditation.

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