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What are the programs, projects, services and benefits of social assistance in Brazil?

The benefits of social assistance include a reception service, both institutional and in a dormitory, for families and protection during emergency states, in addition to other benefits such as BPChelp in school and work.

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What is Social Assistance?

There are many welfare benefits specifically targeted at people who need it. Social Assistance is found all over the country and provides a total guarantee of protecting any citizen who goes through difficulties, through benefits created to offer more quality of life to these people.

What are social assistance programs?

Only after approval of the National Social Assistance Policy (PNAS) and the Basic Operational Standard (NOB), in 2005, did it become possible to create services, programs, benefits and other projects aimed at the population.

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The actions created for the PNS and NOB need to be analyzed, studied and understood, in order to devise strategies that fit each situation presented to Brazilian families, be it social risk or other problems in this category.

The benefits of social assistance rely on full protection for families, as well as more specialized care for individuals who need it at specific times. Check out the main benefits of social assistance:

What are the benefits of social assistance?

The main focus of the benefits of social assistance is to seek to bring autonomy and greater protagonism to the families assisted at public posts. These benefits are continuously mandatory, unlike certain programs that contain a start and end date.

  • Population living on the streets

  • Coexistence to generate strengthened bonds
  • Specialized Service in Social Approach
  • Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC) in the school environment
  • Continuing Cash Benefit (BPC) at work
  • Protection for people with disabilities
  • Program to eradicate child labor around Brazil

These welfare benefits are important for all families who may need them at some point.

Social assistance in Brazil helps many families and guarantees their well-being for an indefinite period, in this case, all family members will have the opportunity to have a better life, as well as children and adolescents who are still studying.

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