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What are the most unstable signs of the Zodiac?

An unstable person may be capable of losing his mind at any moment. When something specifically touches his most sensitive membranes, it triggers a spark in his personality that leads to reactions rarely seen. It turns out that the horoscope has an influence on emotionally unstable behavior.

For those of you who have some knowledge in astrology, you know that the water signs tend to be the most emotional and those who present the most radical mood swings, however, they are not the most unstable.

According to the astrologer Reda Wigle, the position of our sign in the Zodiac is what can determine this trend. She explained in a New York Post article that if we view the horoscope as a progression of life, Aries, Taurus and Gemini represent childhood and therefore childish and reactive behavior.

With this in mind, he said that the first 3 signs of the zodiac are the most unstable and revealed the reasons.

Ruled by the planet Mars, the one of action and passion, he does things his way and follows his impulses, which is why he tends to lose control easily. It is an impatient and intense sign that despairs when things do not go as he has decided. The advantage is that his periods of instability pass quickly, according to the astrologer.

They generally appear unshakable and confident, but behind that tough, no-nonsense personality lies a rather unstable being. He loses his temper at the winds of change and when his financial security is threatened. Although Taurus can assume many responsibilities, he is foolish to receive help, which leads him to have ideas that are not logical.

As it is ruled by Mercury, one of the most unstable astrological planets, it is not uncommon for it to appear as one of the zodiac signs that loses its temper very easily. For this reason, many perceive it as a bipolar sign, mainly when you have to process a lot of information or hesitate to make a decision.

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