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What are the most hated zodiac signs in their female version

Women who inspire natural hatred in others may have something in common. According to astrology, there are feminine signs that arouse rejection while others are the most loved.

The astrological personality of a woman influences her friendship or professional relationships, in this sense, the stars are responsible for the eternal struggle that exists between them and that, no matter how much they try to get along, they despise and do not tolerate each other.

The reasons can be various, from envy to the inability to understand each other by seeing the world from completely different perspectives. Based on a ranking of the Vekke Sind site, we tell you which female signs are the most hated by women themselves.

According to the ranking, Scorpio women are the most hated by other women because They consider them deceitful, promiscuous, controlling and secretive. And it is that Scorpios do not tolerate lies, but they have no problem cheating.

In addition, this sign governs the sexual organs, so they have a natural sensuality that the other females of the zodiac would like to have. In this sense, they are prone to being carried away by passion and being the most unfaithful.

Women perceive Gemini as two-faced and gossipy, which is why they take second place. The reality is that they have a complex and multifaceted personality, so they can be hated or loved.

His negative qualities can be too notorious, among them his excellent ability to manipulate and lie. His main strength is communication, so he knows how to charm men. As if that were not enough, they have a fickle character, so it is difficult to understand their sudden changes in mood.

Virgo women are placed in the third box because they are brutally honest. Although they all appreciate that she says what she thinks without filters, because she does it with good intentions, almost none of them can bear her criticism. As a popular saying goes “the truth does not sin, but it is uncomfortable”.

And it is that Virgos, being detail-oriented, look for imperfections in others and point them out tactlessly. Even the toughest person can feel intimidated by criticism from this feminine sign.

The reason an Aries woman is highly despised is because she is lovable. He is selfish and puts himself first all the timewhich is why it is independent and self-sufficient.

Like the Virgo woman, an Aries woman can be too honest and harshly criticize, but with one more aggravation: being ruled by Mars, she has an aggressive nature. That is why she occupies the fourth position.

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