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What are the main benefits of the Banco Pan credit card?

We know that having a credit card is essential for emergencies. Have you been looking for the ideal for you? If yes, get to know the Pan bank credit card.

People have been looking for different types of cards, and the Pan bank credit card has been the answer for many of them. It is very important to know everything that is behind the issuing bank of the card you want to apply for.

In this content you will get to know the Pan bank credit card and see how it works, who can apply for it and much more.

What this article covers:

Who is Pan Bank?

The former Banco BTG acquired all of Pan’s shares. He currently has full control of Pan along with Caixa Participações SA

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Banco Pan offers several types of credit cards and the customer can choose according to their needs. First of all, it is very important to know well the type of card you intend to apply for.

How to open a bank account?

Opening a bank account at Pan is a quick and easy process, it’s like opening a simple social network profile, but with additional information and your data will be safe. Check out:

  • Install the Banco Pan app;
  • Click on “Open my account”;
  • Read and accept all terms and conditions;
  • Authorize access to location;
  • Inform the requested documents;
  • Take the selfie and send it;
  • Create a password to login.

After carrying out the step by step, just wait for the card to be approved.

How does the Pan bank credit card work?

Banco Pan offers several credit cards that allow customers to make purchases and pay for them only on invoice. The pan bank credit card also allows the customer to pay their purchases in installments.

Each card offers different benefits and some have cashback, discounts at partner establishments and also benefit customers with rewards. The customer accumulates points and these can be exchanged for different prizes.

What are the main benefits of the Pan credit card?

The Pan bank credit card has several benefits. See the main ones below:

  • Application;
  • cashback;
  • points program;
  • payment by approximation;
  • international coverage.

Comparing other benefits with other credit cards you can check what suits you best.

What is the Pan Bank flag?

As already mentioned, Pan Bank offers several credit cards. Currently, Banco Pan’s credit cards have the Visa and Mastercard brands, with different modalities.

Who can apply for the Pan bank credit card?

In the case of the Platinum credit card, for example, it can be requested by those with a minimum income of R$5,000.00. He has no annual fee for those who spend 5 thousand reais or more and also has cashback.

How to apply for a Pan bank credit card?

If you have identified yourself and are interested in applying for the Pan credit card, you can request it through the bank’s service channels. Through the site it is also possible to choose which modality matches your profile and also send your data.

How to apply for a Pan bank credit card

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Once the request is made, the proposal will be analyzed, if it is approved the card is sent directly to your residence.

Banco Pan also has other service channels and it is possible to ask questions through the telephone numbers: 4003-0101 for capital cities and 0800 888 0101 for other locations. And now you know the advantages and steps to have a pan bank credit card, just ask!

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