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What are the cars that do not need to pay the IPVA?

A subject that is of interest to all people who have or wish to have a car is the payment of IPVA. In addition to the usual maintenance and fuel costs, taxes are another important factor in closing a vehicle’s expenses. Therefore, vehicle owners are looking forward to the IPVA 2022. update. But did you know that some vehicles are exempt from paying IPVA?

What this article covers:

What is IPVA and when is it charged?

The IPVA (Tax on Motor Vehicle Ownership) is the tax levied by the state on vehicle ownership. It was established in 1986, to replace the replacement of TRU (Single Road Fee), which was intended to finance expenses with the transport area.

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The IPVA, unlike what happens with the TRU, is not obligatorily applied to the maintenance of the road system. It is divided between the federal, state and municipal spheres, which invest the amount according to demand, whether in health, education or security.

The tax is calculated from the market value of the vehicle. The value of the car is calculated from the FIPE table (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas). Rules and payment method vary from state to state.

Who is entitled to IPVA exemption in 2022 and how to consult?

As previously stated, the rules for exemption from IPVA vary according to state legislation. In general, the exemption depends on the date of manufacture of the car. Check the exemption range for the states:

Manufactured 10 years ago: Rio Grande do Norte, Acre and Roraima.

Manufactured 15 years ago: Distrito Federal, Ceará, Amazonas. Bahia, Amapá, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Maranhão, Goiás, Espírito Santo, Tocantins, Sergipe, Rondônia, Rio de Janeiro, Piauí, Paraíba and Pará.

Manufactured for 20 years: Alagoas, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Paraná.

Manufactured until 1985: Santa Catarina.

Meet 5 cars that are exempt from IPVA:

Fiat Bravo Absolute 2011

This fits the list of cars over 10 years old. It is a model with a sporty appearance, launched at the end of 2010, to compete with the Hyundai I30 and the VW Golf. The absolute model has a great range of equipment, such as brake-abs, air conditioning, etc.

VW Gol 1.0 Turbo 2001

The VW Gol 1.0 Turbo 2001 fits the rule of cars manufactured 20 years ago or more. This is one of the popular models best known to Brazilians, and stands out for its sporty look.

Chevrolet Zafira Elite 2006

This model is included in the 15-year rule. The Chevrolet Safira Elite, from the year 2006 has a 2.0 8V flex engine. It is an excellent option for those who want to accommodate their family, due to the space provided.

Audi A4 2000

A more luxurious option that does not pay the IPVA tax is the Audi A4 2000. The car was one of the most modern launched at the turn of the century, with several attributes. It has a great trunk space of 440 liters. It has a 1.8 20V engine, maximum power of 150 horsepower, can reach 100km/h in 10s.

Chevrolet Monza hatch 1983

An excellent option for those more nostalgic is the 1983 Chevrolet Monza hatch. It fits the rules of cars manufactured until 1985, in Santa Catarina. It draws attention to its retro design. It has a 2.0 engine, 110 hp. It had a 6-speed manual transmission.

Owning a vehicle becomes increasingly costly over time, due to factors such as inflation, rising fuel prices, vehicle appreciation, maintenance costs and paying tax obligations. Therefore, looking for alternatives to save money, such as the IPVA exemption, can make a difference in the final expense of the year.

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