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What are the best dates to get married in 2023, according to astrology

One of the most important decisions in life is getting married and astrology can help you find the best times of the year to say “I do” at the altar. There are many times of the year where it is ideal to get married, however, on some specific dates it is more auspicious to hold your wedding.

Astrologers explain that in general terms it is better find dates when Mercury and Venus are not retrograde. A retrograde in astrology means that a planet appears to stall or recede in its orbit.

Mercury retrograde can cause a lot of stress on your wedding day and travel delays, which could cause you, your partner or your guests not to arrive on time. For its part, Venus is the planet of love and you have to look for it when it is at its best, that is, while it is not retrograde.

With this in mind, we tell you what they are The best 3 dates to get married in 2023an astrologer told StyleCaster.com.

January 28

On Saturday, January 28, Venus will be in Aquarius, which means that the energy will make you look resplendent and fortune will be on the side of your married life, since Jupiter will be in Aries.

18th of February

The most romantic month of the year is February and doing it on Saturday the 18th will play more in your favor since Venus will form a harmonious aspect with the Moon and Pluto, which means that love will be more intensified.

October 21

A trine is one of the most harmonious aspects in astrology and on Saturday, October 21, we will have one starring Jupiter and Venus, both in earth signs. They will give tranquility, optimism, fortune and harmony to your married life.

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