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What are the best breeds? It is profitable?

Just as in large cities the most profitable businesses are the sale of clothing, food, cars, etc., country life also makes moneyespecially for those who are in the business of dairy cattle farming.

This activity can produce a lot of money, but you can only become a quality supplier if you take the necessary care to produce first-class milk. In this sense, it is important to take into account the conditions in which the cows are raised. This includes their diet (the quality of the grass) and various cares of the land they inhabit. On the other hand, it is also essential that the necessary attention is paid to the organization of the demands and to comply with the delivery times of the orders.

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How does dairy cattle farming work?

You can be a rancher with a small, medium or large business, that depends on the goals that the entrepreneur has. However, for any size of business it is necessary acquire a farm in a rural environment. These animals must be raised in their natural habitat so that their products have the expected quality.

The secret of a good dairy production is the optimal feeding of the cattle, for which it is essential that the grass is very well cared for. Only in this way is it possible to extract fresh and good-tasting milk. Having a risk-free structure is also essential for the safety of the animals.

As for the milk collection process, the way of working is first extracting it, then packaging it, packing it in boxes and then distributing it for sale. For this, it is necessary to have a very well planned logistics, in addition to the necessary machinery and transport to dispatch the orders.

What are the best dairy cattle breeds?

There is more than one breed of dairy cattle that you can work with. If you want to start a business of this type, then we tell you the best options for you, according to your budget. Take note!

This type of cattle is a cross between the Zebu and the Dutch. They are long-lived, sexually precocious and quite fertile. Their productivity is high, since they are capable of generating around 5000 kilos of milk in an average of 200 days.

This type of dairy cattle comes from Europe and is considered the one that produces the most milk in the world. The coat of these cows is black and white or white and reddish. In addition, they can be used in crosses (such as the Girolando) and are capable of reproducing after two years of birth. On average, every 300 days, they produce between 6,000 and 10,000 kilos of milk.


This cattle is also native to Europe, although it is more rustic than the previous one. They are long-lived, very fertile and adapt very quickly to milk production, since it only takes them a year after they were born to be able to do so. They are capable of producing between 3,500 and 5,500 kilos in an average of 300 days. and their milk is high in fat and protein.

It is one of the oldest breeds and although it also produces milk, its main use is for meat production. These cows are long-lived, fertile and produce calves from the age of four. During 200 days of lactation they are capable of producing an average of 2,500 kilos of milk.

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It is an Indian breed and has high resistance to heat and humidity in the air, which the Europeans cannot do. There are three types of cebuinas: Sindi (2,000 kilos of milk for every 250 days), Gir (700 kilos for every 200 days) and Guzerá (2,000 kilos of milk for every 200 days of lactation).

How to make profit from dairy farming?

To calculate your earnings, you must take into account several factors such as the demand, the level of productivity of your farm, your investment and the clientele you get. Finally, you can think about expanding your business by offering dairy products.

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