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What are the benefits of the Buscapé credit card?

If you are looking for a card that benefits you every time you use it, you will be interested in the Buscapé credit card. This card offers good advantages to its users, such as an annual fee waiver.

But in addition, the card offers several other benefits. Want to know more about Buscapé credit card? Then follow the text until the end to know all the information related to the card and see what advantages and disadvantages it can bring.

What this article covers:

What is Buscapé?

Buscapé is a traditional search and price comparison site. Some people make the mistake of thinking that Buscapé is a store, but that’s not quite the case. The site compares and shows you the best prices for a particular product at several different stores.

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In addition to its price search site, Buscapé is also making the Buscapé card available to its customers, a new way to pay for products that are seen on the site.

How does the Buscapé credit card work?

Just like any other card, it works as a payment method. But in the same way that the website shows the best prices for something, the Buscapé card guarantees that you will buy something at the lowest possible price.

The Buscapé credit card also has dual functionality, that is, it is possible to make purchases using credit and debit cards. In addition to being able to make purchases using a card in virtual environments, it is also possible to make purchases with the Buscapé card in physical stores.

What’s the flag?

The Buscapé credit card brand is the Gold version of Mastercard, which has exclusive benefits that we will see later.

What are the fees?

The card is free of any annuity, but has other types of fees. The card has a rate of 17.83% for revolving credit and 10.10% for payment in installments. In addition, a fee of BRL 4.90 is charged when paying bills using the credit function, and another fee of BRL 17 to withdraw a duplicate card.

What are the benefits of the Buscapé credit card?

There are several benefits of Buscapé credit card. The biggest one is being able to buy a product at the lowest possible price, but in addition, the card also comes with a digital account, where you can keep track of all card expenses.

What are the benefits of the Buscapé credit card?
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It is also free of annuity and gives you cashback on purchases. The card has international coverage and has contactlesswhere you can make payments via approximation.

What are the advantages of the Buscapé card?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Buscapé card has other advantages. One of them is price protection, if you find a lower price than what you paid for your purchase, you get the difference.

There is also an extended warranty, where when making a purchase with the Buscapé card, the warranty of a product is extended. If the purchase is made over the internet, the protected purchase is applied, so even if an accident or theft occurs, the customer is guaranteed to receive the product.

Who is negative can apply for the Buscapé credit card?

The Buscapé credit card is not yet available for people with an irregular CPF.

How to apply for a Buscapé credit card?

You can request the card through the official website of Buscapé. When entering the site, the option “I want the Buscapé card” will appear, then just click and fill in the data requested, such as name, email, CPF and monthly income.

If you still have any doubts or if you want to apply for the Buscapé card, you can access the company’s official website, where you will receive more information.

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