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What are the benefits of the Bradesco credit card?

The Bradesco credit card offers several types of incredible benefits and facilities for its customers.

With several types of cards to meet your needs, the advantages of the Bradesco credit card stand out. Find out more about the Bradesco credit card and good reasons to apply for one.

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What are the benefits of the Bradesco credit card?

Regardless of the brand, your Bradesco credit card offers some benefits on your trips, entertainment and even gastronomy.

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Below, learn more about some of these benefits:

Livelo points program

Considered one of the best points programs, all transactions carried out with your Bradesco credit card are transformed into points that you can use on purchases, delivery, products and even money in your account.

VIP rooms

Bradesco is the only bank that has exclusive VIP rooms for its customers and with free access, both for cardholders and their companions. The VIP lounges are extremely comfortable, making trips even more special.

Travel insurance

To ensure a safe trip, the Bradesco credit card also has free travel insurance, which covers lost luggage and also emergency hospital expenses.

exclusive discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on hotels, car rentals and also on the Decolar website using your Bradesco credit card.

entertainment with discounts

The best of entertainment also offers special discounts for customers with a Bradesco credit card. With it, you enjoy discounts at cinemas, Disney+, Pixar World, Cirque du Soleil, theaters and even shows.

How does the Bradesco credit card work?

The Bradesco credit card works like any other type of credit card. However, it has the differential of being able to be requested by account holders, but also by non-account holders.

How does the Bradesco credit card work?
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Currently, the Bradesco credit card is available in three major brands: Visa, Elo and Mastercard, which increases the benefits, as each of them offers different advantages.

What are the advantages of the Bradesco credit card?

The advantages of the Bradesco credit card vary according to the chosen category. However, in general, the main advantages of the Bradesco credit card are: international coverage, miles program, discounts at partner companies, cashback, miles program and payment by approximation.


But just as there are advantages, the Bradesco credit card also has its disadvantages. Among them, the following stand out: proof of minimum income for all card categories and the charge of annuity. Although they are not such big disadvantages, there are other options on the free market.

How to apply for the Bradesco credit card?

To apply for your Bradesco credit card, there is no difficulty. You can accomplish this in different ways:

By App

Whether or not you are an account holder, you can also apply for your Bradesco credit card through the bank’s application. Just download the application and go to “cards” on the home page, choose the one that best meets your needs, fill in the details and wait for approval.


Through the website, you can find out about all the Bradesco credit card categories, compare the options and choose the one that best suits you. There, you can request it without difficulties and wait for approval.


It is also possible to apply for your Bradesco credit card directly at the bank branch. In this case, the process may be a little more bureaucratic and time consuming if you are not yet a bank account holder. But it is an interesting option for those who are afraid to order online.

Bradesco credit card call center

By calling 0800 704 8383 you can be assisted with the Bradesco bank SAC.

If you need help with your Bradesco credit card, you can use the electronic service available 24 hours a day. Personalized service is available from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 10 pm. And on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

As it is a large and well-known bank, the Bradesco credit card has thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy all the benefits. To choose the perfect card for you, list your needs and compare them to those offered by the bank.

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