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What are the benefits of prepaid credit card?

The prepaid credit card is ideal for those who want to keep control of their expenses and only use the previously established amount. It is a type of card that has gained more and more fans due to its ease.

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What is a prepaid credit card

With a prepaid credit card, you decide your limit yourself and recharge the card with that amount. It is a good option for those who have a negative name and cannot apply for a traditional credit card.

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With this type of card, you do not need a bank account or proof of income.

How does the prepaid credit card work?

The prepaid credit card is very simple to apply for and use. After making your card, you recharge it with the amount you want to spend. And then just swipe the card in stores or register it to use online services. And when you run out of money, you can load it as many times and in the amount you want.

Is it worth having this type of card?

This is a type of card that has become quite popular, but like all the others, the prepaid credit card also has its advantages and disadvantages, some of which are below:


Do you want to know the advantages of having a prepaid credit card? Check out:

No proof of income required

Unlike the bureaucracy of other credit cards, the prepaid credit card does not need any type of proof of income. As you decide how much to put on the card, it is not necessary to send documents that prove your monthly earnings.

expense control

For those afraid of the dreaded card bill or unable to control spending, with prepaid you decide how much to spend. Perfect for keeping your bills up to date and not spending more than you can.

There is no annuity

Annuity is a headache for many people, but with a prepaid credit card, you are free of this fee that often becomes abusive.

Replaces banknotes

More security for you and your family, whether on a daily basis or on trips. Carrying cash is not always the safest option, so the prepaid version of the credit card has this advantage.


Despite all the advantages, this type of card also has its disadvantages. Like for example:

Unable to pay in installments

For those who like to dilute their bills by buying in installments, this is not possible with this type of card. All purchases are made in cash.

Beware of fees

Even without an annual fee, some companies charge fees on top of the prepaid card. So when searching, take that into account.

movement limits

The financial institution decides the maximum transaction limit for each card, but normally, this limit is R$3000.

Are there fees?

Yes, despite not having an annual fee, most prepaid cards have fees. These fees can be charged on membership, monthly fees, recharge fees and even withdrawal fees and 2nd copy.

Which is the best prepaid credit card?

The best prepaid credit card will always be the one that has the lowest fees and offers the most benefits. So when ordering yours, keep in mind your needs and how much you are willing to spend on fees.

What is the best prepaid credit card?

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In general, there are good options for prepaid cards, such as: MercadoPago, RecargaPayBradesco DIN and PagSeguro.

Undoubtedly, the prepaid credit card has several advantages and has been widely used by many people. But before ordering yours, find out about the fees and limits.

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