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What are the benefits of MEI?

In the article below, learn all about the benefits and advantages present in the formation of an individual micro-entrepreneur, a business model whose main characteristic is the fact that it has a less bureaucratic process.

What this article covers:

First of all, what is MEI?

Intended for self-employed people who seek the legality of their businesses, the Individual Micro-entrepreneur (MEI) is a simplified business modality that conceives the right to the INSS benefit as the old-age and/or disability retirement, maternity pay, death pension and sickness benefit.

As an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), you pay much less taxation and, in addition, in the midst of the process of opening your company, you will not need to deal with so much bureaucracy and much even with the existence of a burden, which would be an extra price to pay. You only need to pay a monthly tax of a specific amount. For this, you need to acquire the Simples Nacional Collection Document, in which the price to be paid is directly linked to the type of activity your company is involved in. In 2021, your fee is between R$55 and R$61 per month.

If you are thinking about leaving informality and want to register your business in accordance with the law, read the article below to learn more about the benefits and advantages of forming a Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI).

What are the benefits of MEI?

Created through Complementary Law nº 128/2008, in force since July 1, 2009, the Individual Micro-entrepreneur (MEI) is commonly the most adopted business model by the Brazilian population, counting, according to the current data of the Federal Revenue, with more of 10.7 million individual microentrepreneurs.

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As an individual micro-entrepreneur, you will be guaranteed the advantages and benefits that will make a big difference in your life. Check now what are the benefits added to the individual microentrepreneur.

Retirement by age

When a worker graduates as an individual micro-entrepreneur, he acquires the right to retire by age, if he has the minimum number of contributions given by the INSS.

By disability retirement

Being a benefit given by the INSS, disability retirement takes place in the event that a worker is no longer able to perform his/her job due to a momentary and/or permanent illness. Paying attention to the rules present in the application for disability retirement and after undergoing a medical examination, he will be able to make use of this benefit of the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI).

sick pay

This is yet another benefit provided by the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) which, in this case, may be requested when a worker is temporarily unable to perform his/her job due to an illness or accident, requiring proof of payment of at least 12 payment slips from the Collection of Simples Nacional (DAS).

Maternity pay

Granted to the person who takes a temporary leave of absence from their service due to birth, adoption and/or legal custody for the purpose of legitimizing a child up to 8 years old. In order for the request for this benefit to be accepted, it is necessary to prove the contribution of at least 10 months up to date until the date of delivery and adoption.

death benefit

A benefit given to deceased dependents of the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI). For a family member to have access to the benefit, a minimum contribution of one installment up to date before death is required.

Seclusion allowance

Offered to people with relatives who are dependent on the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) in the case of imprisonment in a semi-open and/or closed regime. To guarantee this benefit, it is necessary to contribute, at least, an installment prior to imprisonment.

Advantages of formalization as MEI?

In addition to having access to benefits related to Social Security, those who are registered with the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) guarantee the right to a series of advantages listed below, such as:

Purchase vehicles with a CNPJ discount

This is an advantage that guarantees the individual micro-entrepreneur a discount on the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services (ICMS) in case of purchase of a brand new vehicle.

Credit lines

It refers to the advantage of being able to obtain specific lines of credit with lower interest rates, giving individual micro-entrepreneurs an opportunity for better investment so that their business can grow faster.

simpler tributes

Guarantee of a permanently lower monthly amount in the payment of taxes such as INSS, ISS or ICMS on behalf of the Individual Micro-entrepreneur (MEI) be a simplified business model for taxation.

Issuance of invoice

A security advantage that issues the electronic invoice (NF-e) during the provision of services by public bodies through the Individual Micro-entrepreneur (MEI), in addition to obtaining technical support from Sebrae.

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