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What are the baddest women and men of the Zodiac

Each zodiac sign shows a facet of its personality and temperament depending on the circumstances, when these are adverse, some are characterized by expressing their most evil and Machiavellian traits.

In this article, we tell you what women and men of the zodiac tend to show their bad side when they are betrayed, harmed or cornered.

The 3 Baddest Women in the Zodiac


The Aries woman brings out her darkest side when she is betrayed and she is not one of those who forgive for the rest of her life. She is very stubborn, lacking in heart and logic; she is also able to put herself in the role of victim.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio women are one of the most vengeful in the Zodiac. They take their time to carefully plan their revenge, as she is not one to forget either. She will use your darkest secrets against you, that’s why she is one of the baddest in the horoscope.

3. Libra

For their part, Libra women are one of the most evil because they sail with the naive flag, but the reality is that they are intelligent to escape problems. She seems defenseless in the eyes of others, but she has a natural vocation for knowing how to deceive.

The 3 Baddest Men in the Zodiac

1. Gemini

A Gemini man can show a passive face before you, but behind it he is thinking of a Machiavellian plan to harm you; he analyzes what your weakest points are to start attacking you there. In his defense, he only acts this way when he is hurt.

2. Cancer

The most evil side of the Cancer man is his aggressiveness, which, ours when he feels vulnerable and frustrated. He easily gets into a defensive position, attacks and doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants.


At his worst, he has a superiority complex and criticizes you because you are not up to his standards. He is ruthless in criticizing your mistakes and doesn’t stop to express them to everyone. That is why he is one of the most evil of the zodiac.

For this zodiacal classification, we have based ourselves on an article from Yearly Horoscope.

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