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what are the advantages of being MEI and a delivery person?

The MEI is currently in high demand for those who want to somehow regularize their autonomous functions. This is because the advantages of regularizing that profession make the entrepreneur feel more secure in exercising his activity.

A widely used activity today is that of a delivery person, which makes up a large part of our country. And there are times when the values ​​that these couriers earn is interesting to open a MEI, in order to have the privileges and contributions that it makes available.

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MEI self-employed courier has what advantages?

There are several advantages that a courier can gain when opening a MEI. One of the most important is the possibility of contributing to social security. What couriers are often not hired from the places they work, they only earn for the amount of delivery carried out.

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So, as MEI, he manages to pay taxes monthly and get a pension in the future. In addition to the possibility of generating invoices and being able to hire at least one employee. If you want to increase your courier fleet, this is a great option to start with.

The MEI for working with deliveries, like any other, does not change its format. Only the modality that will be exercised is informed so that it can be proved whether the micro-entrepreneur fits the function.

When opening the MEI for deliveries, just select the option “parcel collection services” in the function field that will be exercised. With that the format is verified and you can open normally.

Do you need MEI to make deliveries?

There is no need to request a MEI to make deliveries, but in a way it is very important to guarantee your rights. Because, by paying to have this format, you are contributing to retirement in the future, or having the right to leave due to some illness, for example.

So for those who want to work with this, it is interesting to apply for the MEI, since the issue is not so bureaucratic and can help you in different ways. And if you want to expand in the future, it’s an interesting way to start.

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