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Sports betting is not based on luck or chance. If you want to become a winner and make money, you will need to understand and follow some important advice. Follow this series of articles if you want to become a successful bettor in sports betting. In the world of betting, there are traditional bets, such as Euromillions, scratchcards, or totobola and, alongside online betting, there are sports betting.

What are sports betting?

But what exactly does sports betting consist of sports betting consists of betting a monetary amount on a certain outcome or outcome of a sporting event. The purpose of a sports bet is to profit from a prediction or prediction made for the bettor to try to make money from his guess.

There are several sports betting models: predicting the outcome of a football match, how many cards will be shown to a particular team, who will score the next corner, among other options available on the markets. In tennis, for example, you can bet on which of the players will win a certain set or on game X of set Y; by how much will player A beat player B or even the number of sets in a given match.

In basketball, in addition to the final result, there are markets where you can predict the number of points or even the point difference by which team X will win, who will be winning the first quarter, among other game-oriented options Football, tennis, basketball and darts will be part of that specific article in the approach to all existing betting models.

In a sports bet, whoever hits their guess sees the money they bet multiplied by the odds or odds (which are the numbers that appear next to the possible outcomes, also called odds).

Take, for example, an ATP tennis match in Vienna. If Reilly Opekla wins, the bookmaker pays the odd of 3.55, that is to say, they pay €2.55 for every euro bet (the math is done as follows: Probability number – 1).

If we bet €10 with a probability of 3.55, on winning, you will receive €35.50: that is, €10 returned from your bet (the -1) plus €25.50 profit.

Photos taken at Las Vegas.

Attention: in sports betting, the bettor will not become rich overnight. Forget the wrong idea of ​​betting large sums of money on some games in order to win big. The best advice is to start slow, go slow, bet small sums of money at a time and build up experience. The more you know about sports and markets, the more chances you have of making money. “Grain by grain…”

Never leaving anything to chance is another important piece of advice to remember. There are many punters who look at sports betting as just a form of gambling and rarely do their homework when it comes to researching and analyzing the games. That’s right: before placing a bet, you should always do a survey, checking the performance of each team and its players. We advise our users to follow our betting tips , to better prepare for the games they will bet on.

You should never place a bet until you have properly learned how betting works and how odds are calculated. Being able to assess the odds and potential winnings is extremely essential.

You can bet on one result (Single Bet) or on a set of several results. In this case, we call this sports betting Combined or Multiple .

In multiples, winnings will be multiplied by the product of all results. For example, if you bet on three outcomes with odds of 1.55, 1.38 and 1.75, the odds will be 5.05. If you bet €10 on these three outcomes in the form of a multiple bet, you will win a total of €50.50 (€10 from your bet plus €40.50 in profit).

Strategies to win

Remember that you will be paid according to the odds, that is, the odds available for each game. If one team has a better chance of winning than the other, then you will receive considerably less money than you would if you bet on the other team. It is therefore always recommended to bet at the right time. Let’s see the case below.

Many inexperienced bettors usually bet on the favorite team, namely the one with the best odds or the highest probability of winning. In this way, the probability of winning will be considerably lower for the second team and, taking this into account, the bookmaker will increase the potential winnings for those who bet on that team. If you are certain that the underdog will win the game, wait until the last moment to give inexperienced players a chance to bet on the favorite and thereby increase the potential winnings on the underdog.

It is also extremely crucial to conduct your own research and not just benefit from advice given by paid subscriptions or software programs. In today’s world, time is of the essence and not all people have the time to do good research. This is why many sites try to sell you “live stats”, “industry analysis” or “odds calculators” that allegedly advise you to make the best bet.

Tip: Live betting can give you an edge and a potential boost to your earnings, but make sure you only bet on live sporting events when you have experience and understand the mechanism well.

If you usually bet online, it is highly recommended that you claim a bonus offer on one of the sports betting sites. These bonuses are free money offers that you will receive if you sign up and make a deposit on the site.

When did sports betting appear in Portugal?

There are many bookmakers that accept Portuguese players for several years now. However, in Portugal, online betting was only legalized and regulated in 2015. The Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) is the entity responsible for this regulatory process that defines the obligations and duties of Bookmakers to able to operate legally.

The first license issued by the SRIJ was granted to Betclic , one of the operators licensed to operate in the national territory.

Good Bets!

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