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What are social charges for?

In order to manage a company correctly, it is necessary to know how to take care of finances, which includes knowing what social charges are and what role they play.

In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit is indispensable, but if only this energy were responsible for the success of a business, there would be no companies that fail all the time.

Social charges are part of the bureaucratic side of a company, directly linked to finances, but in fact they are simpler than their own suggests. This means that not all bureaucratic activity is necessarily complex.
See more about what social charges are, what they are for and why everyone who owns companies should pay attention to this side of the business. Also find out what types of charge are and what impacts they cause on the enterprise!

What this article covers:

What are social charges?

Social charges relate to all rights that should be granted to an employee, and that go beyond remuneration. This means that the entrepreneur must pay the salary plus the charges that correspond to the rights of his collaborators.

What are social charges for?

Since they are imposed by law, social charges are intended for projects and programs with the aim of benefiting the employee. It is easy to see the charges on employees’ monthly payroll when seeing the fraction of the payment that is allocated to cover retirement, FGTS, among others.

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Note that a characteristic of social charges is that employees do not receive money directly, along with their salary. These are labor charges only. In fact, an employee only receives the money corresponding to the social charge when he becomes the holder of the rights related to the charge.

What types of social charges?

The law that guarantees the payment of social charges by the employer works so that various employee rights are covered, and this influences the types of charges that must be paid.

One of the most well-known types of social charges is the INSS, which is completely linked to the social security rights that are common to the CLT regime. This type of charge covers the entire payroll and must correspond to 20% of it. another type of social charge is the FGTSwhich reflects in 8% of the employee’s salary.

The PIS, which aims to support the unemployed employee, is levied on 1% of the total amount shown on the payroll. Another type worth mentioning is the S System, which corresponds to a contribution by companies, through social charges, to educational institutions such as Sebrae, Sesc, Senac, among others.

How do social charges impact the enterprise?

If, on the one hand, social charges represent the rights of a company’s employees, the payment of these charges implies an obligation for entrepreneurs. Those who manage a business need to be aware of this factor at all times, as the impact on finances is inevitable.

How social charges impact the enterprise

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Nowadays, with the laws we have, social charges take exactly 35% of a payroll. Therefore, it is important to know each one well, in order to quantify them correctly. In short, in order to have the company’s accounts up to date and the finances healthy, it is necessary to plan and take into account the charges.

Knowing what social charges are in detail is the simplest and most intelligent way to bring health to the financial life of a company. The more this bureaucratic part is organized, the easier it is to plan the accounts.

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