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What are Rodolfo Hernández’s proposals in entrepreneurship and technology? • ENTER.CO

This weekend Colombia will elect its next president for the next 4 years. Although the conversation about proposals usually revolves around issues such as corruption, tax reduction, security or the social agenda, an issue that tends to have little visibility is the of entrepreneurship especially when it comes to innovation and technology.

This Monday, June 13, the entrepreneur and businessman Alex Torrenegra met with Rodolfo Hernández, candidate for the presidency of Colombia, to discuss his proposals. In this article you will find a summary of the conversation, but you can also watch the video inserted at the beginning of this article to see the full conversation.

How to solve the economic disparity?

Faced with the question of how to alleviate economic disparity (the fact that 10% of the population in Colombia earned 5,000 more than the poorest sector of the country) the candidate maintained his position of changing the production strategy: focus back in the countryside and avoid exporting items from the family basket such as food.

How to transform the economy so as not to depend on natural resources?

Precisely, one of the doubts generated by the policies of focusing on infrastructure to make the field viable (invest in roads, for example). However, when the candidate was asked what his strategy would be to digitize the state, the candidate did not provide a clear plan of action, but instead requested the ‘help’ of entrepreneurs in finding solutions.

He also assured that one of the most important points is the digitization of the state. Once again, the candidate’s speech touched on expectations about how the transition should be made, but he did not deliver an action plan in this regard. In fact, part of the conversation concluded (mainly due to the contribution made by Torre negra) that digitization cannot be a government plan.

How to make the Internet reach all Colombians?

The response to the candidate was that the government must carry out a prioritization study to fulfill the promise of connecting the country. In terms of plans, the candidate did not offer a connection plan for rural networks, but instead focused on the contracting issue: looking for companies that charge after completing the connection of those networks, as well as looking for internal and external financing.

How to solve the gender gap in the technology sector?

When asked about this issue, the candidate assured that he is not clear about the reasons why women are not being attracted to this type of work. However, he assured that they are one of our ‘most valuable resources’.

How to promote work from home?

At this point the engineer again assured that one of the most important points is connectivity. However, he did not resolve the question in terms of the policies for telecommuting or remote work.

How to support the support of entrepreneurship?

Candidate Rodolfo Hernández’s proposal was that companies of this type, at least during the first three years and up to a certain amount of capital, should not have an income tax burden.

Is it possible to remove the 4×100?

The candidate affirmed that removing the tax is not possible without compensating the money that is currently contributed. However, he assured that part of that contribution is tainted by corruption due to its high percentage. In this sense, he promises a substitution of the tax for a consumption of 10%.

Images: Wikicommons

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