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What are digital banks for under 18s and how do they work?

Digital banks for under 18s are good options for those who are not adults, but want to take advantage of financial services and products, or even would like to enter the world of finance to learn.

Some companies have accounts specifically aimed at those who are not yet adults and which can be used even by children. Check out more below!

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What are digital banks for under 18s?

Digital banks for under-18s are regulated financial institutions that offer financial services and products to those who are underage and still do not have access to traditional banks. These companies have the possibility of opening accounts of different types, credit solutions, investments, among other things.

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What differs digital banks for under-18s from traditional financial institutions is that they are completely online, that is, they do not have physical branches. All services and products, as well as customer service channels, work through official websites or applications in the digital environment.

How to open a digital bank account for under 18s?

Digital banks for minors under 18 have specific rules for opening an account for minors, which rules vary according to the institution, but, in general, are very similar to those of traditional banks. In other words, it is necessary to contact the institution, request the opening of the account and provide all the requested data.

In some cases, those responsible for the young person must provide their information or even have an account at the digital bank.

Account in digital banks for children under 18 in financial education

An interesting thing to observe when an account is created in digital banks for minors under 18 is that this represents a good opportunity for personal growth and improvement in financial awareness, because, with the digital account, the young person can understand how the world works finances and develop more responsibility in controlling money.

Account in digital banks for children under 18 in financial education

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Digital and traditional bank account options for under 18s

Now see some good options for digital banks for people under 18 years of age and also for traditional institutions where it is possible to open accounts for the little ones. Check the list below:

Inter Kids account

This account is made available by Banco Inter free of charge. The account is managed by a responsible person and minors must present their RG and CPF at the time of opening. The opening process is very simple and can be done entirely through the bank’s application.

C6 Yellow

Another alternative among digital banks for people under 18 is the C6 Yellow?? It belongs to C6 Bank and has several services and products for the little ones.

Considered safe and practical, the C6 Yellow account can be managed by application and it is possible, through it, to see how the money is used.


NextJoy is a solution developed by Banco Next. It is also free and the account is linked to the parents’ accounts, which makes it possible, for example, to make regular allowance payments.

Account administration also happens through the bank’s app, which makes things very practical.

But, a positive point of NextJoy is that it also offers the user educational content about finance.

BB Conta Jovem

Banco do Brasil has the option of opening an account for young people between the ages of 12 and 21 (who have not yet entered college).

Services such as receiving payments, debit card to operate the account and access to the BB application are things made available to users.

To open a Youth Account, just go to a Banco do Brasil branch with your RG, CPF and proof of residence.

Bradesco Click Conta

Bradesco is another traditional bank with the option of creating an account for minors. In this case, Click Conta works as a checking and savings account to guarantee the customer the advantages of both modalities. With a debit card, young people can move money, make purchases and make payments.

These are some interesting options for digital banks for people under 18 and also for accounts in traditional banks, and although almost all of them have the same way of use, each of them has its own characteristics and benefits. For this reason, it’s important to research calmly to see which option is best for you and your child!

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