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What are credit card miles?

Credit card miles attract thousands of consumers, because by accumulating miles, cardholders can exchange them for plane tickets or incredible discounts.

However, several factors determine the earning of miles on the credit card. Who establishes the rules of each reward program is the company responsible for the card. Understand more below!

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What are miles?

Credit card miles work as a rewards program for all customers, where with each purchase made with the card, a certain number of points are added to the user’s account, as if they were loyalty points.

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The more expenses incurred, the more miles the customer accumulates. Afterwards, it is possible to exchange the number of points in airline tickets in full value or only discounts. Thus, before using credit card miles, it is necessary to transfer them to an airline.

How to add miles?

All accrual of miles on the credit card is based on the customer’s monthly bill. In almost all banks, the full amount of the invoice is converted into dollars, so every 1 dollar is equivalent to 1 point. However, who defines these values ​​is the responsible bank and the type of card in use.

Therefore, the best way to earn miles on your credit card is in fact to make purchases, as the more amounts on the monthly bill, the greater the number of miles made available by the bank. Another smart way to get them is to buy products from partner stores.

Generally, the transfer of miles is free of charge, however, some companies may charge small fees for the service. Some banks set minimum values ​​for the transfer to be carried out.

How to redeem miles?

All redemption of miles is done through the program’s website made available by credit card or by telephone number, if the bank offers this method to customers.

Some cards have a specific platform for this process, where it is possible to transfer or redeem them. This method is used for Itaucard, Santander, BB and Cetelem cards.

It is also necessary to remember that the customer must be duly registered in an airline loyalty program, such as TudoAzul, Smiles, among others. It is important to remember that each one of them imposes its own norms and benefits, so you should study before closing a plan.

After the process, the customer will be able to exchange the credit card miles in a seat that is available on the preferred flight.

What are the advantages of using credit card miles?

Using credit card miles is an excellent benefit, especially for those who make frequent purchases on the card. Miles can be exchanged for things other than tickets, such as hotel rates, free luggage, free ticket reservations, and preferential boarding.

What are the benefits of using credit card miles

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But remember, before closing with a credit card miles program, it is important to research and pay attention to the details.

To get the best credit card mileage benefits, you need to know how to choose the type and company. Therefore, discover 7 credit card options that provide miles to your customers:

BRB DUX Visa Infinite

BRB DUX provides 4 miles points for every dollar spent on the invoice. A positive point is that your miles never expire, in addition to being able to access VIP rooms. This card is available only to customers chosen by the bank itself.

Santander Unlimited Visa Infinite

With this card, the customer gets 3 points for every dollar spent and there are no expiry dates. In addition to the miles, Santander Unlimited offers 7 additional free cards for the user, in addition to the Dragon Pass VIP room.

Elo Diners Club box

With this card, the customer gets 2 to 3 miles for every dollar, with no expiration date. In addition to it, it is possible to take advantage of a travel chip and up to two transfers per year to airports.

Itaucard Blue Visa Infinite

As Itaucard Blue Visa, customers get up to 3.5 miles for every dollar spent on bills. The advantage of this card is that the miles, in addition to not expiring, automatically go to TudoAzul.

Nanjing Link Box

Elo Nanquim users have the possibility to earn 2.2 miles per dollar. However, everyone must use them for a period of up to 2 years.

In addition to miles, Elo Nanquim offers a travel chip, access to Salas Bradesco and free annuity for expenses of R$ 10,000 per month.

Itaucard Sugar Loaf Mastercard Platinum

With the Itaucard Pão de Açúcar, the customer gets 1 point for every real spent on the monthly bill, but these points are valid for only 1 year, which can be converted directly at TudoAzul or for Latam Pass and Smiles.

Santander Decolar Visa Platinum

In addition to being a beautiful card, Santander Decolar offers up to 3 points for every dollar spent on an invoice. These points do not need to be redeemed, as they go directly to the Decolar Passport, with no expiration date.

Credit card miles programs are very advantageous, especially for those who spend a lot on the card and travel frequently.

With miles, you can save money on many aspects of travel, especially purchasing airline tickets. For this reason, it is important to search for cards that offer the most advantageous program and that fit current needs.

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