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What Adamari López asked Santa Clós for this Christmas

The actress and host Adamari López has been characterized as a person who is full of joy and good vibes one day before Christmas Eve arrives, López shared an emotional letter from Santa Clós with the audience of the program ‘Today’.

The native of Puerto Rico read the letter, while she did so shed tears, since it was an emotional moment as she opened her heart with the audience of the broadcast.

Faced with such an emotional moment, the soap opera star indicated: “I think we are very sentimental today,” he said, referring to his fellow program members, who, like Luis Fonsi’s ex They made their wishes known to the emblematic Christmas character.

“Although I have many things to be thankful for, sometimes no one knows what happens in the heart, and in the life of each one of us and the burdens we can carry even if we put on a good face,” he said.

The 51-year-old driver took advantage of the space to address her father, who despite not having a direct relationship with Santa Clós, considered it essential in this Christmas seasonfor which he asked the friendly bearded character to send him the emotional message, since he indicated that he misses him daily.

“Daddy cute, thank you for all your love and affection and especially for accompanying me for so many years on that morning journey from home to school, something that even as an adult you continued to do with your calls at 4:30 in the morning in my first years as a driver, your excuse was to be my alarm clock and mine, to be able to listen to you and know you well every day, ”he said.

sent a tender message: “I will always wish you had met my beloved Alaïa (his daughter)I talk to him every day about you and how I remember you with that smile and that illusion of life, so, as he said by name, Vidalina, you were full of life, “he said.

Despite the moment of nostalgia, the host resumed her driving with joy and enthusiasm, characteristics that have been her hallmark since she began her artistic career more than two decades ago in her native Puerto Rico.

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